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Oh wel, since you are, HAI!

Name's Amber =3 been around SJ since 2008, just been inactive for about 4 years due to certain things. (Doesn't feel that long ;3;) ANYWHO II'm back and ready for comicmaking =3

About me:
•Anime Nerd
•School Nerd
•Gaming Nerd
Nerd Nerd Nerdy Nerd ^^;

I usually play minecraft anymore, but my cousin has recently aquired a PS2 so I'm gonna go back to playing Kingdom Hearts like I used to ^w^. I also play Pokemon on and off.

I mainly taught myself how to draw, with a bunch of help from some of me friends ^w^

I am now a college student, well, will be come August. I have to do scholarship things and what not to pay the damn tuition.... Because of this, my comic update schedule will be.... unpredictable. Sorry
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Ok, starting to settle down now
I'm not so worried about how the comics look anymore cause it doesn't seem like anyone has complained thus far. The only comments I've seen are positive (and ones that have told me to relax) so I'm only gonna change the pages if someone says to (and if Ult, Roy, or GMC agree)

With that being said, I feel it necessary to say that GMC is still giving me the scripts for these pages, so his words, not mine. ^^ I just do graphics~
Not so dense
Ok, I still have to redo the last update, and I still apologize for that clusterf*** of text... I haven't had the time really.. Well, I have, but no motivation to redo it. Least this looks 10 times better. Also, since I forgot to even mention it the last few updates, the scripts were written by Roy (page 50) and GCM (page 51 and on) I'm just adding the visuals basically <<;;; and I'm sorry I never gave you the proper credit guys... I really am...

Well.. now I suppose I should sleep.. I gotta do errands when I get up..
So sorry!
I apologize for the wall of text, I really am sorry for it. Word bubbles are all over the place and grahh... I'll redo it later, I promise, I'll make it look nicer, right now I have to sleep and go to the food bank in the morning. As soon as I get back, I promise I'll make this look several times better! Once again, I'm so sorry!
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I've given this comic a read, and so far it's fairly decent. It'd be interesting to see where it goes, in my opinion.
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I've taken the time to read this comic and once again, Shard had amazed me with her skills. It's REALLY good =3 go check it out! ^w^
Obviously there's a change in styles... There's a reason for that!
Hey guys, Amber here. You newbies probably won't know who I am (or was).. neither will half of the veterans... Regardless, I've come out of retirement for a bit to help Roy out with updates and what not while he's busy doing other important things. Please don't prosecute me, send an angry mob after me, or murder me in my sleep. I did, and am doing, my best with the update, I've been out of practice with sprites for a least a few years now. You guys will be stuck with my crappy work until Roy is done with his stuff. Again, don't kill me, especially if anything is late. This is only my first/second day on the job.
I really gotta start visiting sj more, also looks like you did great on this o3o
frying pan = best weapon evah!
holy god damn explosion ._.
Details, as well as a link to the comic, will come soon. And don't shoot me I'm just the messenger.
update as much as possible, no one's holding a gun to your head just cause updates ain't coming on a daily basis. If someone is, they should be shot themselves.
After god knows how long, I finally update (with a little persuasion from roy) after searching for HOURS looking for the damned bg he used in the f***ing 100th comic... guy tells me "look for metal slug" he never said which one -_- So yeah stayed up all freaking night making a simple 4 paneled comic. Jason, if there are any changes that need to be made to this, let me know as soon as you get the chance, and I'll make the changes. But right now, it's almost 8 am, I'm just about ready to go to be- *zonks out on keyboard* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........
knew it, freaking knew it
SO yeah as it says, he'll be back if we update more and when he makes his new sprites. And I'll do my best to update as well, but it'll be a bit before I can due to shit that's been going on.
holy crap that's awesome
yeah I finally got it up now if you excuse me I gotta go now -_- *mumbles while being dragged away to store*