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I love anime and Pokémon, that’s all I will say for now. If you ever want to chat, send a message.
She looks like she’s about to explode.
@GlassGurl: he also looks a lot like him facial wise.
Updates are better than no updates, so I’ll take it!
Natsu is that you?
She’s too much of a child.
This is just a big mood.
If Jodie was a Jolteon
This is an inside joke.
You probably wouldn’t get it unless you know the characters.
He gonna leave to visit his bae.
Awwww, that’s so cute!
A friend of mine drew demonic Jodie.
You can ask here if you want, Amino is just where I mainly do things.
I do not like that Ninetales, she’s annoying,
Dimensional Scream.....?
Thanks for coming by!
This project is a big deal to me, and since I want to make look as good I can in my current skill, I will be publishing the comic page in July. The story is about a character named Ruwalk, he’s a species called draconian. After spending 500 years in a dreamless sleep, he awakes to find himself rescued by an elf and her Tidico (dragon dog). Alongside Haia Kimura and Forager’s Guild, he will go on to figure out more about himself and his species.
I struggle with humans too...
I’m so excited for next week, prequel chapters are my favorite in manga!
Myra is probably very traumatized right now.