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I love anime and Pokémon, that’s all I will say for now. If you ever want to chat, send a message.
Why do you keep showing up if you’re so “homophobic” about stuff like this? It’s just petty really.
Maybe the guy who overheard the king and guard talking about it
I will be posting character concepts for a bit, just to hype you guys up.
Angsts T E E N
New Project
This is something I recently started working on. In collaboration with some of my friends, using their characters and my own, I have begun this new project. I am genuinely excited to work on this, as it features some amazing ideas and characters I’m really happy to draw.
I’m planning to reset this series, with major changes. All the same characters but in different roles and storyline. It’s brand new name is “Eternal Bound”.
Hehe the Yanma in the back.
Who are these two? Stay tuned for part two!
The stalkers have become the stalked.
My theory was correct!
or marry her husband.
I think Louisa is actually bi, as unless she was forced to get married, she wouldn’t have needed to have her son.
I think that Zorua is a crossbreed!
She’s referring to the ask used in this one. As the asker gave a lot of questions.
True family bonds never die, hehe. This page is precious!
She looks like she’s about to explode.
@GlassGurl: he also looks a lot like him facial wise.
Updates are better than no updates, so I’ll take it!