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I love anime and Pokémon, that’s all I will say for now. If you ever want to chat, send a message.
I’m been waiting anxiously all week to upload this.
Welp that took me forever
It was fun though, and the word he is saying is Dile, not Die if you guys were wondering,
Next week!
You’ll get the first page of chapter one, and the introduction to the three characters on the cover and more! Plus you’ll finally learn the names of the weavile and Floatzel from the prologue.
They’re lucky they have Zander
He’s the cautious and alert one.
I will be doing that once we get into Chapter one for now.
The next chapter you’ll get to meet about four or five new characters.
See you all Saturday!
Woo it’s finally over
Now that the prologue is finally over, we can get started with the full comic! I’ve got a cast of colorful characters waiting to finally make their appearance.
Thank you!
Sorry for the wait!
I know it’s a few days late, I had schoolwork. Tis the life a student, I’ll be sure to try and get the next page out on time this week. This will be the second to last past of the prologue! We’re finally going into the juicy content!
Yeah I mean dreary, thank you,
Finally got some characters in page rather than just backgrounds and dialogue.
Poor Topaz, doesn’t understand the word.
It’s so great to see it again!
Perhaps dragon spirits can’t change their shape but other creatures can.
He could’ve chosen a new form since he became a spirit.
Welp time for production *clap clap*
Can’t believe I’m actually starting another PMD comic. Time sure has flied since I cancelled Song of the Bamboo Flute, it still feels like I just finished the final page yesterday. This time I have a whole new story formula to treat you all too! Hope you’ll stick around to read.
Why do you keep showing up if you’re so “homophobic” about stuff like this? It’s just petty really.
Maybe the guy who overheard the king and guard talking about it
Angsts T E E N