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hellu, a friendly nerd who will bring you my ocs <3
ill make some random comics i guess? i will try my best to post atleast once a week, i tend to post a bit random but i will atempt on doing it more often.
thank you for reading this i aprreciated it and have a good day <3

Im mostly active on my instagram which is ghostsealo as well, check that out if you like my comic :)
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Chapter 2!!! the beginning of it. i am contemplating into just making the comic black and white to make it much easier on me as i am so busy all times almost and want to have fun and not only spend my time on this but we`ll see how much of this i will post,

This may look garbo but i am doing other things and don't feel like fixing coloring this ok sorry. i atleast posted
ah shit.... something is cominng i can feel it
Chapter 2 in the making!
The chapter is in the progress! haven't forgotten!
wanted to upload this so you see i am not abandoning you ! and this time i will finish the ind´tire chapter before posting!
so the upload should be more consistent ! as I know it hasn't have been!

i hope the wait won't be too much for you guys! i am doing this to have fun and tell story about my Frankie boi.

If you want to see more of my art go follow me on om my instagram!
Names ghostsealo on there as well! take far for now!
Thank you angels who read this and lend me so time and patience !
talk about sinister
Oh!:D that is with such joy i hear my comic is to your liking ! hoping the rest will be just as exciting ! <3
Do not fear this is not the end of the comic! In fact its just the beginning!:D Next chapter will take a few weeks to start drawing down so just lend me some time and i will continue shortly ! but thank you all <3 ily so much
oh gosh cliffhanger
ooohhhhhhh!!!! i have a feeling things are going down
oohhh gooshhhh trobleee
omg omg what is he gonna do!! AHHHHH
it should been "to the people people around you "
@gUeSt1337: working on it!!;D <3
hahhaha! me speaking to my friends haha
this is really cool
can sorta relate to this
Woah!! i love the vibrant colors and the way you make this comic! its cool that you don´t get introduced as many comics when they talk a lot about back stories! really cool !:3c keep up the good work!<3 imma follow this one closely !
@ShadNoise: oh my god! Thank you a bundle, i am sorta new to making comics. So i will try to put in more emotions ! and thank you for liking the comic! i feel honored ! And more inspired to continue!<3
OOHHH thats gonna be interesting to read !! can't wait!!