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I honestly didn't know how this fight was gonna turn out. I thought that Tobi was getting some heavy blows like he was striking every weak point rudy had but then Rudolph hit him with THAT...honeslty I cried a little because that was fucked up... I loved it. thanks for the tears I havent felt that much emotion in a while.
look how far we've come folks this story has been a roller coaster from the beginning and I'm thankful to the author for having created it.
Oooooooh boi his eyes are as bright as ever
This boi is suave af
I guess he cried
Oof he went for the throat.
holy shit
shit i used to want to kick his ass now i just want to take chie and run he's fucking huge.
me too
at least all my siblings and I got an equal amount of beatings. all in the same places too. sometimes ill compare the scars on my body to my sister. the only difference is the burn wounds on my arms are self-inflicted her's arent. but hey at least we know she loves us all the same...right.
me too
my mom takes away my non-essentials and she does horrible things to me. its scary but Tobias is still young he'll get numb to it in time. we all do eventually. it just gets easier to laugh at the pain and push down the memories so far it's almost like they never happened. only the scars are there to remind you of what happened. that's what I do. there are entire parts of my childhood I can barely recall. I only have scars as proof that they did happen and the shiver in my spine as pass by the stains of in the tile and walls. plus it sucks when she takes away my tablet ant computer.
I wonder if perhaps Tobias gave him those then?
It seems that all the children are punished with physical violence unless those stab wound scars are from something else. I doubt however that Luther would stab mattais that way his mother however is pretty handy with a knife
Oh wow I’m surprised he’s not in the usual nightgown I thought all the children wore them.
I mean we all saw this coming. Didn’t she wake up like yesterday or something. He’s hecka paranoid
@MrCircusPapa: he wore a pastor's robe and collar clearly he's ordained at the very least
wasn't Luther a pastor the last time we saw him can I get some context for that, please.
I ship tobmilio as much as anyone else but this poor baby child is losing his shit right now tone it down you sinner's trusts me on this one I've been through this exact scene so many times and its a fucking shit show of an emotional rollercoaster. it like having your mind cleared while it's drowning it like being able to see for the first time but the whole world is spinning the walls come down the floodgates burst and the next thing you know your vomiting all over the place screaming your lungs out because everything that wrong finally makes sense and this is all going on when your at your most vulnerable.
figured it out
tobias is the fourth son silas was third odd was the second.
the feeling are to strong
honestly same Tobias. honestly, it feels like were the same in a lot of ways we even have the same name. really and truly there is no worse feeling than having to explain that your crazy controlling parent won't allow you to do something normal
ah my heart
rudy can we switch moms, please.
November 8th, 2018
next time try to draw the base of a male's member a little lower I like the fade to pink but the base starts a little lower than where you started it.