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Did Peral break the fourth wall?
@Lunar_eclipse: are you a shadow? if so i think i remember a shadow when i was in 1986. if not then at least we have something in common.
Well ok it not classified information for this comic dub, it classified information for my mission. (please don't reply (or if you want)to ask me about my mission).
@BlackBeastFury: well i can't tell you because its classified information. if i can guess its 2931.
@BlackBeastFury: Yes i am. If you want me to tell u the future i will (if you reply).
@Bolt1021: Good job i hope @pkm150 does take a break.
Omg a new twist XD sorry guys :(
@AddSomethingAsAName: Thanks I really like it. Yes I will calm down :)
@flare: Could be an easter egg XD
@EeveeCuteness101: me too. Actually, I rather read it other than watching it on youtube. 9i dont like spoilers).
@flare: Stop with the spoilers please.
LOL! Look at Vaporeon in the 4th panel...she looks suprised. Actually, I wonder why?
Guys this comic is in a work in progress...right? I mean I just joined today so I have zero clue at all.
@LilytheJolteon: Just stop saying it. This really annoys me.