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Naokii Fires
I'm an amateur animator and comic artist.

I love dogs and birds.

I have eight siblings, and I am the second youngest of my family.

I'm straight, and also not interested, sorry.

I have a Tumblr (listed below), and a Wattpad:

I greatly hope you enjoy my comics and feel free to message me about anything!

(I also love bread)
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Oh, noes! Don't touch deh child!
Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy...
interesting choice.....
Oh crap, Josh is gonna be like "wtf guys"
@M1mgaa: Gotcha', I wasn't quite sure what that meant at first, thank you.
@Glitchionius: I've had this Idea in my head for three years. I've only started reading Ghost Eyes in the last two months or so.
Although I admit after reading Ghost Eyes, I liked the Idea of having someone who was possessed by a demon/ghost thing and make that person kill things without him/her remembering any of it, Zulpher is neither possessing her nor a ghost. as is evident in the fact that Kaisly can touch him (My apologies for making this so long, I felt like this needed to be addressed).
whhhhyyyyy I swear I'm straight too, so i'm sitting here goin':
...okay then
Oh yay, she escaped!
@Hikari: lol
Child...child no...this is a very bad idea, why would you want to die!?
@evilnidhogg: omg biggest twist ever-
@VadanDrumist: owo I want that hair pin lol
but a good hard smack (lol)
(FYI Those are crows, they have foreheads, Ravens don't)
No sUCh tHinG aS taleNT?/??/?
eXucsE mE?