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October 21st, 2018
guess the forced sleep erlier allowed him to get up not to late
And what if... hobo is the enemy of the lemon kid? probably not, but who knows. Like the reincarnation of the guy in Riley's dreams, who still fights against the dark lord... He didn't seem very happy to go in that building.
Ok that's fucked up, don't mind me
the most ugly race are the humans XD
and carter saying he loves him goes completely unnoticed... hope Reuben will remember it!
keeping someone away from books is the worst punishment you can give. Books are always helpful and can help someone to keep happy. The role one has is not important, books allow anyone to grow into someone better. Jin has every right to read books.
I dont't know why but it loks even more painful that way... I'm kinda sad for the mom who does not understand what her son is going through.
I just started this webcomic a few weeks ago and it got me hooked right away! I recently discovered I might be aro-ace and your work gave me something to identify to. The feelings are really strong and totally relatable. And it is really nice to hear about the author! I hope y'all have a great life and enjoy the Comic! ^^
Oh no don't tell me he's hurting his wrists again?!?!?
yes please add some content between the pages! your story is amazing and I'm looking forward to it! ^^
Oooh this seems fun! I guess he will refuse... or was he aware of what would happen?
@Vanneza2006: oh right thanks :)
That's gonna take a little longer than the other two parts... but wait. Is Bastet flirting with anubis??
That crush is gona last a long time...
yaeh talk it out whatever the problem may be that's always a good start.
that... probably means big problems :/
wow... I just discovered this yesterday, and it is truly amazing. I've never read someting like this, as well as I never got that emotionnal over a story. I think the relationships and personal problems are easily relatable (at different levels maybe) and describe the rality more than the reality could do. That is something really rare for a story, be it a comic or a book. What's more, the art is amazing and makes everything even more real. You are truly amazing author,
Danke für diese wunderbare Geschichte!
wow seems so interesting... and does this guy know the word compation? guess not