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I'm just a girl who writes comics for fun. If I don't update, that's probably because I'm sleeping in. Anyway, if you bothered to read this far, you must be pretty interested. In the comics, not me.
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    Amber Chase
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What if Chel finds a pet? It could be, like, a bat named dog or something
I love how she looks like Chel so much!
Actually, that's because 1/5 of your life is larger than 1/40 of your life, so a year when you're five will feel much slower than if you were 40.
I need Ben's cup!
NOO, CHEL'S LOSING HER BEAUTIFUL EMPATHY!! At the beginning of the comic, she would never have said she felt better!
@ColdFusion: Wait a minute, Chel is blonde?!
@ColdFusion: OMG, sad but true
@ColdFusion: Me too 'Hell Kitty'
Is it bad that this is probably the kind of parent I'd be? *child throws ball*'Wow, you DO throw like a wuss'.
At first I was wondering why Eve wasn't wearing a hijab, but then I remembered that she's a satanist, not a muslim
Is it bad that that's MY philosophy on life?
This is how all of my aspirations to be fit begin and end
She should have said 'Someone-- I mean somewhere else'
Wait, what does Ada look like anyway?