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I LOVE TO DRAW!!!!!! but I suck ^^' oh well. I can't tone on the computer, so all I do is use Microsoft paint :P. I'm too poor for a tablet, and that's fine because I'm bad with computers haha.
I'll miss you!
Congrats on finishing Mortifer! I know I have hardly ever commented on the site, but I've been keeping up with this comic for years, and although I'm sad it's over I'm happy for you! Good luck and keep comicking!
Perhaps you should have "noogie" sound effects down there, because the shadows look kinda weird...
out of uniform. ALSO detectives. It's either a small town or a small police department XD
And in Clava's absence, I feel the need to make a comment on their...gayness/secret relationship. So....LOOK their jackets are matching shades of gray. It must MEAN something.
It's Lucy the little girl!
Char has a swinub hat
Alex IS EVIL when you cuss Char out.
idk why Kayle is asking a question in the last panel.....
three updates to make up for the last three weeks. Sorry It's all handwritten, I'm gonna update more tomorrow and then do the next couple pages with a bit of a style shift.
and so begins the story....AGAIN. Char had to pull up the big comfy chair, so obviously the story is gonna be long.
chain-hatching for the first time on panel 3
that's Char talking
blah. sorry just a filler
only one page this week. for some reason, page 9 and 10 keep mixing themselves up....
Reid! he always makes me think of another popular comic on this called "The Reids" even though I came up with him before i saw the comic.
not so good at drawing movement. Char got knocked out from falling on her head.
I censor some cuss words....the say "fuck" a lot in the story....oh, wait--fuck, I said it, didn't I?
RED VS BLUE REFERENCE! hahaha!........yeah....
This is the last page that will be marker shaded, the next couple ones will be just inked.
this strikes me as a kind cheesy page....
aw, how could that fail?