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Uranus,stop being an obnoxious brat.
@SeahDaLunatic: That would help alot please ^w^
Wait,you can private a comic?
I'll be deleting this comic in a 15 hours.
We had gotton a new dog,and it had turned into chaos. Plus,there's a huge test for music class and I needed to study. Please understand.
I had to change her to a Oshawwatt due to me being awful at drawing them.
@Eevee power: well yes but actually no.
Hecc,hope this file loads.
Also,bad news. I may be putting this on a hiatus until I finish up another comic I am working on.
@SeahDaLunatic: From the site I read it from,it says mew learns it at lv 99.
@SeahDaLunatic: oki! Thank you!
Oki,so it turns out I made a mistake. I thought mews learned transform at level 1,but they actually learn it at 99. Paints is suppose to be level 1. If I try to make her level 99,it would make her to op and ruin what plot I have for her. Any suggestions on what to do?
The oshawotts are the best thing about this page.