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I'm absolutely terrified of ants. And, in my house, we get the friggin huge carpenter ants. UGH
@ Top_dog: That's what you Brits call Baking soda, right?
Oh, that's so corny.
Is that the Winter Witch of the East or the Winter Witch of the West?
This reminds me of one of the best ice sculptures I ever saw *swoons over the memory*
My dad's name is Doug, and I think this is how he usually votes.
My 2 faves
This is brilliant! I love BOTH monsters and card games.
Pyro Bro
My brother's name is Chris, and he's a bit of a pyromaniac, so this made me LOL.
Just a Flesh wound
I LOL'd. It's kinda sad how no one saw the Monty Python allusion here.
That was REALLY insensitive
No... he's stark RAMEN mad!
It's called a french fry....I'm just kiddin' I know you Brits call them chips
Piratey: that's my char, Gajj
I LUV JOO, NEKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love how you drew him!!!
I luffles joor chibis!
Hooray for squeezable bottles!
Cinnamon the Leopard
Name: Cinnamon
Age: 13(same as me!)
Ht: 4' 8"
Wt: 82 pounds
Figure: chubby
SO: Gheeyyyyyy
Like: Pink, soft things, people, sleeping, being huggled
No Like: Being teased, dogs, not being huggled
Name: Greg R.
Age: 5 mo. (looks 14)
Ht: 4' 6"
Wt: 72 lbs.
Species: Rat
SO: Straight? *got molested in the chatroom*
Likes: Apples, Nighttime, me,being huggled
Dislikes:CATS, being alone, no apples, daytime, being woken up.
Jerry. His name is Jerry. Name him Jerry.
Age:Doesn't know
SO:Doesn't know
Likey:Grapes, friends, salty things
No Likey:Preps, meanies, sugar, sweet things