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Designer/Illustrator. Spends too much time playing Splatoon. Lover of B-movies and official sasquatch appreciator.
twitter: brandirecognize
tumblr: brandirecognition
instagram: brandirecognition

comic tumblr: everjoyillinois | raisinghellcomic
The Sun

(forgot to post this yesterday oop)
some more tarot cards! I've been considering doing a whole deck but for's The Moon
aaand that's a wrap on The Fantastic Curse! Thank you all so much for reading Everjoy! It means the world to me when you comment or follow the story, especially through the limited updates these past few weeks. I love you all.

if you like the comic, recommend it to your friends! you also read it on tumblr or follow the comic's twitter. I also post updates and sketches on my twitter, if you want to check that out, too!

thank you again! I love you. goodnight
hi, Spaceman!
@Zapp Yamato: I'm super glad you're enjoying it so far! thank you so much!
his name is Carlyle! He appeared briefly in chapter 3 in the diner
oops! should be fixed now!
"practice" makes perfect!
after the show
he's gonna make it work
Lady's got the answers

reminder that Everjoy updates on tues/thurs now! thanks for reading!
oh, phone!