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'sup I'm Nero

I'm some guy who makes dumb comics whether they're drawn or with pixel art i'm terrible at both

twitter is @NeroIntruder
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@Fighter Dee: both, really. my love for the franchise has been gradually decreasing since gen 6; no matter how much I wanted to, I just couldn't get into the 3DS games the same way I could for older entries, to me they lacked a lot of the fun previous games had

between that and USUM and LGPE both being very blatant cashgrabs I was starting to think pokemon was slowly becoming some sort of JRPG Madden. needless to say, SWSH doesn't give me any hope that isn't the case
finding time to work on this is hard when you barely care about the pokemon games anymore alright

either way, the ''starter abilities'' here work sorta like a saiyan's zenkai, the more pain they endure, the more powerful they get.
@NeroIntruder: i just realized i misspelled it fuck
i wanted to make a jojoke last page but didn't so y'all get two for the price of one today

<img src="">
having what is basically a grenade blow up in your face has to hurt like fuck

not enough to deter Gindai, though
Something I always found funny in the PMD games was how the sheriffs could take in criminals without much effort even though the things in this world can create earthquakes with a sigh so I had no choice but to introduce poke-kryptonite

<s>hey i updated before gf said anything about sword and shield I'll consider that a personal achievement</s>
whole lot of them, gotta say
taking a break from my spriting hell to finally close off the prologue!

The Good Shitâ„¢ is coming boys
@Latias+Latios : It won't though, if our very planet was going to burst into flames 9 months from now literally everyone would know by now. y'all should just live your lives and stop worrying about what random tinfoil weirdos on the internet tell you
man the world ended like five times already just let it rest
And hey in case anyone missed it, the comic now has a Discord server

come join and talk about stuff if ya want
Kept you waiting huh

Virtue Complex's prologue is at his end, and as such I'm going to give some love to this comic and see if I can finally finish this cursed arc
This one took a while, huh? Smash released, chrimbo... Lots of stuff happened, sorry!

We're nearly done with the prologue, tho
guess mystery powers run in the family

Also hey I have a discord server now. Mostly because the comment section in my other comic got a bit out of control for a while, but yeah, join if you want
@Z-Gamer007: Hopefully soon
Ah yeah that happens sometimes
Alright now that this page has reached the absurd amount of 100 comments I've decided to create a chat room so we actually have a dedicated conversation zone

This is only temporary though, I'm eventually going to set up a discord server that covers both this comic and Virtue Complex and as such this won't be needed
Sorry for taking this long! Was getting some spriting done for later. Next page might take some time too, going to be busy these next few days.

Always count on little Ayane to do things she really shouldn't do.
@Z-Gamer777: I haven't forgotten about it, I'm just focusing on this comic for now. You'll see more PMDS once I finish this first chapter