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(Profile Pic made by WiispNightmare :D)

Tbh, if you were to look at me irl while I was in a ‘meh’ mood, it would look like I were angry. I don’t know why my face makes that expression. Derb.

:Recent News: Honestly, I feel like a lone wolf again now that the ES RP Site went down... -_______________________-

:Recent News: Help. I don’t think I can sleep at night now. Help. English essay turned dark. Gimme a Subsitute Doll. I might have to stay up longer to watch YT videos just to feel safe at night.

:Recent News: Kill me. Why does Valentine’s Day exist... ,<^>,

Am Fish
(I guess that's all of meh frendos, or at least...the active ones...)

Habby Berdy to meh ^w^
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@oof: wouldn’t you like to know?
No one:
Not anyone:
Not a single soul on this planet:

Me: Hey did you do something for Minecraft's Anniversary?
@shade(speed and lazulis son): First of all, not all of us are Eevee. Second, what's with this ass Pokémon & Marvel fandom.
@shade(speed and lazulis son): no get out, you are not our child, all I see is an ass.
@Sky207: nothin...
Hey, anyone seen fish in a while? Not that I’m worried about her...

Am dead, also cyndaquil best of all Johto starters
Oh wow, this looks awesome
We don’t do that here. Or in any other comic.
@Sky207: *falls on knees* w-we never talk about this around me...oh-okay?
@oof: ...plz. That...
@WiispNightmare: *gives pokepuff* calm down for a sec 😅
@WiispNightmare: True, but it does look like it
@WiispNightmare: Zygazage is meh boi
Just realized what your Cover Title read 😂
@WiispNightmare: 0#. #3¥. |_00|<. 1’|\/|. 3\/3R¥\/\/#3R3. +00¡
Oh heck is that le zygarde? Also, I’d probably say hexagonalized, idk