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(Profile Pic made by WiispNightmare :D)

Tbh, if you were to look at me irl while I was in a ‘meh’ mood, it would look like I were angry. I don’t know why my face makes that expression. Derb.

:Recent News: Tyler's back, I guess...that's cool.

Am Fish
(I guess that's all of meh frendos, or at least...the active ones...)

Habby Berdy to meh ^w^
(hey Joshua, this news is around 6 months old already, change your status update.)
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@ShadowUmbreon99: as in...jacky the umbreon master?.. |:L
@ShadowUmbreon99: naaaw...also is your name jacky by any chance
@Green_Eclipse: in order
My Mains: Kirby, Pikachu (potentially piranha)
Secondaries: Piranha, Banjo

(I want to get good at yoshi, I used to play him early when the game came out/when I got into smash [legitamately], & zss, she thicc lmao)
I ship em lmao, also, what is the comic?
@ShadowUmbreon99: bruv I'd wreck his ass right off the bat. I'm amazing at kirby.
*looks back at other old comics other than art dump*
"There's nothing else for me to do! This is my only porject."
*throws lit match behind me into my old projects*
What if in another world I told you...there was another trainer that took away Arcadia from you, and his name was, Red?
HA! You try hards and your "regular controllers".

Real gamer work with what they've got and adapt
@Green_Eclipse: I hope tentacool doesnt make it. It's my least favorite pokemon
@ShadowUmbreon99: same! LGE is way better, Pikachu is overrated
September 14th, 2019
daw cute hat dag
@Green_Eclipse: wait wtf, also who do you want in swsh?
@Mrashmello: certified dumbass
@Green_Eclipse: I was only out for a little. What is your time zone anyways?
Me during school presentations
@Green_Eclipse: you seriously not see the time wtf bruv
@Green_Eclipse: bruv, also u 13 yet?
@gadaussin: bruh learn to spell