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‘The face you make when you have to go back to school, & your in middle or high school’
@Scribeteller: yeah I know, I know, but are you an author of the new Fusion Course 2? (The other got deleted)
Wtf butch I’ll streak right through you
Aw hecc
@Croaky: hecc you man you suck with meta knight
Also I can’t see that just freaking tell us also why do you have to do the same pic
True dat
@WiispNightmare: ...adding onto that...does anyone think they could do mega shiny lopunny + mega Scizor by any chance? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Just cause of the old comic...
What? No, this is the rare charger. They were really hard to make at the time, but when they were getting more advanced & production increased, my dad probably got one, anyways. Im only 13.
The way you draw fluff
I have always tried getting it too look so floofy, just like that.
I think you stole little Timmy's Christmas gift.