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(Profile Pic made by WiispNightmare :D)

Tbh, if you were to look at me irl while I was in a ‘meh’ mood, it would look like I were angry. I don’t know why my face makes that expression. Derb.

:Recent News: Honestly, I feel like a lone wolf again now that the ES RP Site went down... -_______________________-

Am Fish
(I guess that's all of meh frendos, or at least...the active ones...)

Habby Berdy to meh ^w^
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You know that his whole thing is based on Sir Aaron
Feels bad question mark?
I was being choked by the umbilical cord and almost did the opposite of what Arcadia did. I practically almost got murdered by everyone who was witnessing my birth. Owo'
Heckle snappers
Never thought we'd be seeing Briar cry like this
EMC is an awesome friend
What unholy fruits have you been eating this time XD
Ah, I clearly didn't read my other comment specifically saying it was Christmas, me being the oblivious kid I am
I'll give a challenge, draw one of your favorite starters as an Amoured Pokemon, like Armoured Mewtwo or Charizard (which are confirmed having armor formes)
By any chance @comercole: , do you know the Poketuber TheAuraGuardian?'s been 30 weeks?
I bet that's you lilipup kid, learn to spell
Ooh nice Marowak prof pic
Ok, for a second, forget about all the polls.

This should be on your mind qwq (ITS SO FRIGGEN CUTE)
Second poll: Buneary, the Rabbit Pokemon, & Bunnelby, the Digging Pokemon.

Buneary, I choose you!
Vote Percentage (At the time because mobile smackjeeves is weird):
Oddish: 80%
Bellsprout: 20%