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I enjoy playing Mario, Kirby, Zelda, and Smash Bros. I'm an all around Nintendo fan. I also enjoy running on my track team, being in musicals at my school, and doing gymnastics, mainly for theater.
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@Gigi19972010: I just now realize I accidentally submitted two times for the Q and A, so sorry about that!
I just realized that's basically a chicken riding on another chicken
Hey, it's properly colored Caia and Vezo!
Maybe another was Kirby with Hypernova?

Ps I have exams tomorrow so wish me luck!
Try taking it out and blowing on it
I just need to see what happens when you mix Kirby's with Diet Coke!
Cue Kexas appearing to challenge Ikbry for stealing her smile and her colors AND her style
I can't believe it's the last chapter. It feels like so long ago when I discovered this comic
I think Kirby meant *extra epic yawn*
Yet you had the Kexas Kexas fight 5 years later....
What would he have gotten for swallowing him?
Something I randomly thought about: Are you gonna remake the Kirby Adventure crossover segment when you get to it?
And that's how Belno joins the villains
Oh noes even more punches!
By the way, it turns out you've actually used the Purple Author Doo color, in the Kirby Adventure crossover!
Unique way to answer the question nice!