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I enjoy playing Mario, Kirby, Zelda, and Smash Bros. I'm an all around Nintendo fan. I also enjoy running on my track team, being in musicals at my school, and doing gymnastics, mainly for theater.
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Cue Kexas appearing to challenge Ikbry for stealing her smile and her colors AND her style
I can't believe it's the last chapter. It feels like so long ago when I discovered this comic
I think Kirby meant *extra epic yawn*
Yet you had the Kexas Kexas fight 5 years later....
What would he have gotten for swallowing him?
Something I randomly thought about: Are you gonna remake the Kirby Adventure crossover segment when you get to it?
And that's how Belno joins the villains
Oh noes even more punches!
By the way, it turns out you've actually used the Purple Author Doo color, in the Kirby Adventure crossover!
Unique way to answer the question nice!
I have a question: Why do you use Kublie and Kubby in DDD News so often?
Nice custom Meta Knight sprites! Did you make them?
Does that mean the "Puffball Prophecy" will change? What would Epsilon even be?
Well, it makes sense. Kirby lives in DREAM Land, so it'd make sense for NIGHTMARES to show up
Random theory time. The Doo get his endless sugar through an endless supply of Silent Dees destroyed for his entertainment. It makes sense, as the Doo already makes endless copies of himself, it explains where all the sugar seems to comes from, and it explains how silent seems to be completely invincible. Every time Silent Dee goes through a bad situation is because the Doo decided to destroy that copy for some sugar and the replaced it with a new silent completely unscathed.

I was bored. Long comment is long.
@Warpstar: Gotta SWEEP your slate clean