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I enjoy playing Mario, Kirby, Zelda, and Smash Bros. I'm an all around Nintendo fan. I also enjoy running on my track team, being in musicals at my school, and doing gymnastics, mainly for theater.
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I might need to WASH out your mouth if you make that joke.
When Lindo said "put you to sleep" I didn't
know he wasn't being literal
Can you give a chart for all the Doo color emotions?
Why do you use Kublie and Kubby so often in DDD News?
You really don't like killing off characters
It was actually my Kirby OC Kwolsog and he will come in and beat up- *shot*
Why do you use Kublie and Kubby so often in DDD news anyway?
Pemipin just squints
Normal Dedede from the back looks really orange from the back. Also, are we ever going to get to see the VIP seats?
I think my Marx Soul Soul theory was correct!
Did Kible become a kexas?
Is this your evil clone?
Panel 14 is really a sight got behold. And I mean that in a good way. Also, sound effects
He probably got a donut from the arena
You really should put Macho in the villains section
I know
Simple. Logic is the gigantic wall of the KDA universe that is about to tumble down constantly. However, the only thing holding it up are a few infinite Doo rejects who didn't manage to get used. Because of this, there's no worry for it ever falling down, as there will always be more
So all the villains are just dead? I know there's more, because of what Xialon said, but what will oppose them? Some random character, or will there be another betrayal?

Also, sound effects.
Through the ceiling