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@glmdgrielson: It’s just a bit smoggy in that town.
Sun outside, Rain inside, what a happy day! ;D
I’m so happy about every new page of Theia Mania!
@agnosis: Don’t worry, you got it right. They’re so cute! I even tried to copy her haircut 😊
@glmdgrielson: Roleplayers are everywhere! Even if I didn’t expect them under the sea.
@Guest: Years...
So it’s probably Dice’n’Ducks or Dance’n’Die...
@TranshumanAr: Of course, but crits or surprising actions by players can stress a DMs improvising talents a lot...
Like if your group won’t take your adventure bait but decides, nah, that’s too dangerous, let’s look for someting else... :D
Or the one time we killed the main villain at first encounter, because everyone rolled crits over crits...
@LittleLynn84: No, we’re ruleplayers! ;D
@Dan Genesis: Are we sure they’re playing D&D? There are other systems...
The one that I played most works like that: Rudy would roll, because it’s a knowledge check, and 1 and 20 are crits.
I agree with the author.
I’m a data kraken, and I like to sort everyone by last name. No, really. I also keep addresses of people I met once several years ago; was helpful a few times, but mobile numbers tend to change often...
@TiroFinale: I was lucky, most of my DMs were very creative and didn’t need to be evil.
Me, OTOH, I terrorized my group with nosy children (You can’t beat children!) and ominous omens that didn’t mean anything. Snicker...
Have a very good time! I’m looking forward to see more of you (ok, your works) in fall!
I guess I’ll read the whole comic again one or two times...
Preparing for ultrafast action (pulling bedsheets over head).

Already mourning about hiatus. Time to read from start again.
@Jaz: Thought so too, see my late comment on the previous page.
@Microrapter: Did you ever hear of a Catholic (or other big player’s) institution that is closed after a scandal? Maximum they’ll rename it.
And even if they remove Quenton, it’s quite improbable that Arthur will have any advantage or advancement out of this. Whistleblowers are mostly considered troublemakers and rather punished than rewarded.
@Minim: You’re the best kabbalist ever. ;D
@CatPerson: Abuse of all kind is just daily business in Catholic institutions.
relatively related
@KF2376: I still think there’s a special relationship between Quenton and Todd. If they aren’t related, maybe Quenton abused Todd and is blackmailed or at least feels guilty enough to spare him.
Abuse happens a lot in Catholic schools...
A Team
@TranshumanAr: I would love to call them the Gay-Team, but that would be a bit lopsided.