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Jimmy is missing the cane, that’s quite important. He could even use a sugar cane.
@Linn: And she would be offended if someone ended a message with HTH (head to hell) or CU (curse you)
@Dawn: If you login, you can edit your posts.
The kids will do some decorations. My healer and me will do a serious Samhain ritual.
And thus, Ted started to explore Bree-land.
@kidcthulhu: 🎵🎶 Nobody knows the comics I read, nobody knows but Jebus... 🎶🎵
Under the sea burping makes funny bubbles.
@Mujaki: No, it’s radioactive dye (otherwise it couldn’t paint a b&w comic), and that infects the hair roots.
Who of all the ”Caucasians” are really from Caucasus? (And would it be called a Caucensus if we count them?)
@kidcthulhu: There were a few in comics at Tapas, but I can’t remember in which, because I read too many.
The rice belongs to the tribe!
@Whosyer trucker: And I thought it would be DT that holds the universe together.
BTW I learned underwater communication is really tricky. They use ultra low frequencies (VLF/ELF) for submarines, and the data rate of those is really low. (E.g. look up the antenna arrays at Cutler or Jim Creek.)
I guess telepathy works better (but good telepaths usually won’t work for the navy).
Oh BTW does he listen to Hazmat Modine?
@agnosis: And I thought I had a lot of cousins (22). 😁
But Okeanides must be as numerous as sand at the sea (don’t know if that saying translates).
@kidcthulhu: That’s Berlin Gothic or “Metalalter” 😁
I don’t like those for their arrogance to call themselves “kings of gleemen” (Könige der Spielleute) and for calling medieval what they play – I used to play on ren fairs / mediaeval markets, met both bands (not personally), also e.g. Schandmaul when they were still only regionally known.
Visitors got to expect drums & drones noise on such events, and that’s annoying if you try to play “real” historical music.
Otherwise I like folk/rock/metal crossover. E.g. also Saltatio Mortis
@He Who Abides: You are right, but they wouldn’t name their ship anyway, it’s solely a fandom thing.
@GabiAPF: You mean Rain got votes out of pure evilness? >;->>
Reminds me of zombies "BRAAAAINS" (Hirn = brain in German)
Hm, the one person that honours me with random facts is a little boy in my house, unfortunately. 😢