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Looks like she’s ready to deliver quite soon (the girl with short light hair and freckles).
The sky is the limit! ;D

Thank you for the cute story!
@kidcthulhu: Yep, behave like the person you want to be and as if society is like it should be. If you’re bold enough, that is. But you must behave bold to become bold...

Only partly talking from experience...
@kidcthulhu: pprroobbaabbllyy nnootthhiinngg ggoooodd

But if I don’t use my computer to create music, I’d need different effects. It makes probably no sense to have "bold" on a pedal or something else that works well with a shortkey... Some dictation machines are pedal controlled, which makes sense if you need both hands to type. I can imagine a few uses of pedal control, i.e. where I’d like to avoid switching between keyboard and mouse, but text processors would need to support it (e.g. “mark this for review” while I type and press the pedal), but nothing comes to mind that would work like an effect pedal.
@Olivia: Congratulations!
@Guest: And if They created us after Their image there can’t be a reason for shame.
Make New Jersey weird again!
@agnosis: Of course it’s not the only one. ;) But if you start rationalizing, you probably don’t have good reasons to get children.
@kidcthulhu: I just read “stick man”. What would happen if Sick Man encounters Stick Man?
playing guitar myself
and I want effects pedals for my computer keyboard!
@plasticwrap: I’m not an expert, but AFAIK ”intersex“ can mean so many different things (not only outer genitalia, but also missing/additional gonads or ”chromosome disorders“) that intersex people are probably not that rare at all. Some of them never get to know it themselves, because everything ”looks normal”.
@Spooks: I think I get you, but I find it quite hard to avoid those “biological” terms if you don’t want to speak about details like genitalia but also don’t want to generally avoid the subject...

Still easier than gender neutral language (in German for me, and in several other languages)...
@agnosis: I'm glad Persephone has some support. Standing up against a uber-mother like Demeter is hard, esp. if you’re in an emotional turmoil yourself.

I got kids and love them, but I still think it was one of the bigger mistakes in my life. (“Why should only the assholes raise children” is not a good reason.)
Thank you – we had a nice little celebration. Most friends who were invited just didn’t come, but those that were there mattered.
@TranshumanAr: It’s just so cosy there.
@Climaxstriker & @He Who Abides: I don’t support the Colette x Ruby/Rudy ship. While I wouldn’t be against it, I just don’t believe Colette is thinking about dating anyone while still figuring out himself.

My impression is he’s interested in this conversation and the whole suspicious activity of our gang to learn whom to trust or even come out to first, and to watch how schoolmates and teachers will handle the situation, if he can dare to come out publicly.
@LittleLynn84: Congratulations to 1100 pages of Rain! We all know, rain is eternal...
@Chrissy: They’re the vibes of the author ;)
Hermes is also cute.