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Reminds me of zombies "BRAAAAINS" (Hirn = brain in German)
Hm, the one person that honours me with random facts is a little boy in my house, unfortunately. 😢
Yep, being yourself is hard if you don’t know who you are.
(At least I know I’m someone else.)
@agnosis: 😢 I will miss this. Take your time, but please come back – with more Persephone, I love her so much 🥰 (in your depiction, that is).
Yours, eagerly awaiting your return,
Are those other girls relatives? I found Ianthe as an Okeanide, but maybe you had something else in mind?
Recently I was an event where some electronics nerds offered their pinball machines for free playing. It was great – I love (screen) pinball games, but last time I used a real one must have been ~30 years ago in a French arcade (in Germany those were/are adults only).
Hm. Of course it made a good story, and it’s nice to include the readers. But I’m very sure that the school would have voted differently. The RainCloud isn’t so big as to influence the outcome that much, and mostly they’re quite certainly not that popular. And even if they probably gained some support since the management change, the vote took place earlier, if I remember correctly.
Anyway, doesn’t matter. This is a fairy tale at all 😊
@He Who Abides: Since they are Cole and Ruby (at least at the moment), I’d suggest SS Coby Rule.
@Zensunni: You didn’t mention the danger of someone clocking Rain as the father of Emily’s child. I forgot who it was (Holly?), but they were dangerously close to thinking of Rain as a boy because of that.
@LittleLynn84: Congratulations!
I’m thankfully and eagerly looking forward to the next chapter.
@LittleLynn84: Take your time, and all the blessings to you!
@Dzaka: 😂
@TiroFinale: I thought so, too. We’ll see.
I’m slowly getting into that pop music that I hated in my youth...
But still liking a lot between mediaeval and modern experimental music. And still hating overpowered electronic basses (techno, dancefloor, however you call that painful shit).
But Ra is a god, why not say amen? ;)
@kidcthulhu: In the library, without a lead pipe.
Looks like she’s ready to deliver quite soon (the girl with short light hair and freckles).
The sky is the limit! ;D

Thank you for the cute story!