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January 18th, 2019
poor girl
Without the last panel I could have commented "There’s a light!"
Poor DM who gets his campaign crushed!
I was lucky to enjoy some DMs where you got the impression you could go whereever you like, he knows the whole world and everywhere waits a new adventure.
But resurrection needs to be extremely expensive, dangerous and thus rare.
Once I had a guest playing a romantic elven bard in my group. He hit on every woman (the player would have never dared to behave that way), also on a quite diffident(?) seafaring lady on whose player I had a bit of a crush. He rolled successfully for seduction, she botched her resistance roll, so I told her she’d hopelessly fall for him. He tried to play the romantic like "you are a green flower that bubbles away in the fading light of the moon" (bad translation of really bad "poetry"), she answered "you’re my lighthouse!". They played the whole evening together and didn’t notice that the rest of the group fought a dragon etc. They (the players) married about two years later. At the wedding their friends were asked to tell stories from their lifes, and I remembered this one – I completely forgot meanwhile, they also, but they confirmed that this really was the day when they started dating. 😍
A gas mask? Really? Probably I misunderstood the tech level of this world.
I’m not into fancy dresses (frills, ugh...), but I don’t need to wear it. :D
If Chanel likes it, great. It looks like a lot of work.

@LittleLynn84: All the best for you and your spouse, we’ll eagerly await your return!
@not someone else: of course you’re not me but someone else. ehm. logic fails me.
On the other hand, Demeter as a goddess of fertility shouldn’t have a lot of problems with her adult daughter having sex. Even if it’s with the king of the netherworld. But you never know with these crazy deities.
@agnosis: One would have to be quite the juggler to manage that. As is to be expected from a satyr, I guess.
@Gabi: Because he saw the name "Colette".
December 7th, 2018
I feel you. I hate christmas time, everything should be done before that stupid fake date...
I can understand that was a challenge – and you did so well! Really beautiful!
@Schol-R-LEA & @Barn0wl: I hear you. Seems like I’m not the oldest reader here (what a relieve). Prom is not that common here in Germany, but about half of our form wanted to have a fancy one (their ball after dancing lessons in 9th grade wasn’t enough). I do folk-dance only, besides pogo ;)

@pixlyJolt: It *is* a nice & great comic (even if I wasn’t convinced about the art in the first years). Welcome aboard!
Speaking from own experience: I forget to stay/get in contact with everyone if I am/was depressed or occupied with work etc. Phone calls are an unwelcome diversion in such a phase.
I wouldn’t say Maria is my kind of recluse, though.
Don’t change it, it’s beautiful!
@Jumpy the Hat: Being aro is completely okay, of course. But I had crushes all the time in school, starting in primary... Probably I’m not normal. ;D
@agnosis: Yes of course. I’m not serious. I just don’t like f*ing Zeus ;D
@AzrielEver: Zeus is evil. The Greek pantheon doesn’t need a devil...
@TranshumanAr: Yes, and Rain is sad about that, too. And Emily might be jealous or getting anxious that Rain and Allison might fall back (even if Allison isn’t gay).

BTW SmackJeeves login sucks so much...