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Aaaaah! sorry ! I might have been older, I got to read your comic after they bonded... sooooo, lots of lurbs.
Good times
xD when I saw this I yelled " LIEEES THIS ISN'T THE END!"...I followed you when I was ...13? I loved it very much and I'm glad that you're posting it again :]
lmao that happened to me XDDDD but it was a big shock to me because I had gone to the bathroom, when I came back the exercise had changed from warm ups to the hour + drawings... I was in a corner, I had the crotch, legs wide open.
:DDDDDDDDDDDD you wont probably see this BUT!
Today ANNE RICE's Interview withe the vampire Claudia's story the graphic novel arrived!!!!!!!!!!!! you're aweszoooomeeeee :} Art and Adaptation by Ashley Marie witter :}
o_o THIS homo has accepted the challenge.
I love this comic so much owo
xDDDD i dont know if someone already said this but!!! you made a high school of the dead reference !!
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT I LOST YOUUU!
I love the message of your comic and I can't believe that it's over. I loved every panel of your comic and I hope to see more of your work - read the other comics as well lol- thank you, as a reader I loved your work. So thanks for sticking through it making it awesome and sweet.
Awesome comic
LMAAAOO You spoke nothing but the truth there buddy.
Other than being happy for another update. I'm just letting you know you have exactly 69 fans * wiggles eyebrows*
I get what you mean D: I actually stopped watching a lesbian movie because...well it sucked o_O
Lol I second that XD
July 29th, 2011
Soooo....I'm guessing Zeus got his looks from his Ma...
lmao Facking awesome
WTH natalie !?!
This is such a sad doujin, wonderful art and story. Sadly I can relate to it lol.
Woah! You´ve updated :) Can´t wait for more.