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AKA: Seira, Shay, Kio, Seir

Likes: Drawing, Internet, Music, Japanese, Reading
Dislikes: Slow internet, Homework, Rude people, Mean people

OMGGG~ I cant wait to see more, Kiwi-chu!! owo~!!

Baw. Laerte you pervvvvv. o3o
Omgggg the facial expressions!!! o3o DERP!! <33
:D! Aww! Thank you Santa! He looks adorable!! *glomps*
:D~ So many pages in one update! Yaay Zelda~ They look gorgeous as ever!
I suspect Priest Masca is not as good as he seems.. :/
>w<! *flails* Dolphin=very adorable!

And good luck winning the prize, Zelda! Ive already voted, so I hope more people do too! ;w;
AW SO CUTE *dies*

D: You will survive, Orange! Defeat teh art blocks! ;w;
SQUEE~ *flails*

What other graphic novel? :D Self published again, or by an official publisher? OwO Either way, I want to buy it when youre done~ xD
*A* OH NOES! Ruuuuun everyone!! D:

(Uwaa~ So many pretty people on one page OwO)
UWAAA~! That last panel with the Pidgeot and sky pirate is so epic! ;w; <3<3<3 So amazing, Orange! xD Cant wait to see even more pages ;w;
;w;! So cute! xDDDD YAAAAAI!! So happy Orange! xDDDD I cant wait for more! <3<3<333

xD Youre so welcome!! <3 I wish I could tone like youuuu~! I cant seem to make it as epic when I try ;w; I bow down to your skill~ <3 *glomps page*
DRIFLOOON~! xD I wish I had a Drifloon to sit on my head ;w; </3

Omggg, is this an update every day I see?? D:

(And your toning is still epic ;3; Do you still use the lasso tool & paintbucket, or have you changed methods?)


So much yaay ;w; <3 Your foreshortening is epic! ..and so is your toning!! Sooo much jealous ;w;
KYAAH~ YAAAAY~ OwO Aw. Drifloon is so cute >w<! (Congrats, this is at the top of the hotness factor section! OwO)
Hah? No more? ;_; *+fav*

Lurve your art style~! Tis spiffy XD