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Knitter, writer, rper, pokémon fan.
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Why is she saying they there is only one of him right?
Does anyone just want to hug Darkrai and promise him he is not alone and his friends are right there to catch him if he falls?
It had Arceus damn better work. Because shit is about to get real for everyone including the jerk-o-lantern. Has the whole Mewtwo is going to use Miracle Eye of very tortured nightmare pokémon while a lot of psychic pokémon are running wide open to work that thing not sunk in? What are the odds they don't rebroadcast his hell on earth at least in part?

I hope Jen beats the shit out of the Jerk-o-lantern.
@MecenaryX I think the little therapy horses would be Ponyta and the big Clydesdale horses would be Mudsdale
Jen should say of corse we want to help your our friend.

Darkrai has never known unconditional acceptance and caring.

Yes a thank you is appropriate but I feel his learning that poeple/pokémon can and do care about him is going to be very important in his healing.
Kinesis has always had a difficulty with not being graded empathy this is one of those times when it's going to bite him in the ass

Those who come after us in this context references the next generation.
I think it can't talk maybe try writing?
@ Guest
Her brother and sister were in the same organization it said so back when Wes and N. Where looking for her.

An mentioned him being in prison if I remember right.

Found it Mewtwo's Arrival. It seams I was mixing Dr. Krane and someone named Blake Hill and thinking they where Jen and the jerk-o-lantern's brother pardon my mistake. I usually hold on to details better than this.

Tho I do remember Jen saying there brother worked for the same company so maybe that is why....
I think I know what he is talking about. That inborn scence of otherness that stands between those who are different and the rest of the world that gap we all fight to bridge and make connections the harsh difficulty of maintaining them. The simple exhaustion of fighting scenes turned up to high or low every day. Oh yes Darkrai knows what he is talking about.

At the same time considering the jerk-o-lantern is her sister and her brother is in prison I don't want to think of what kind of life made them and put that core of steel in an otherwise kind child like Jen.
I am not sure newly hatched pokémon would be exactly violent or unfriendly but most don't hatch with anything like a strong move without careful breeding for it. But I would guess that hatchlings would tend to rough house a lot.
Cure cute cute cute!
Even being called a death ray he is adorable!
I think everyone agrees with N from the looks he is getting.

I on the other hand think Mewtwo is utterly adorable just as he is.

An another thing does N look more girly than normal? Not that he isn't always pretty easy to mistake for a girl but you know more so than normal?
I was thinking Darkrai and Gengar are turning into the siblings Jen wishes she had installed on you The Jerk o'lantern and the other ones in jail
I still say Jerk-O-Lantern would make a great poison pie.
Is it me or do the new guys eyes make him look half asleep or high?
November 1st, 2018
I love the part where she calls Bity a wanker. lol
So sweet I want to hug Darkrai and maybe fix them both a meal do some baking maybe. Considering what a b!tch her sister is and that she doesn't seam to be in any hurry to get home maybe adopt them both along with Gengar. Mmm that would be nice having a nest full of wonderful misfits to spoil.

I wonder what yarn Darkrai would like for a blanket?
1) Atty is not the hugging kind he doesn't even hug Dragonthing and I believe he loves her.

2) I think he is a little punch drunk from not sleeping.

3) A crap ton of money would probably work

4) Why not just ask Gorge to help she has all those pokémon she never uses because she wants to catch them all nothing says she has to keep them.
Dang he is down on himself it is okay to have mixed feelings.