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lol just got done eat sum cinnamon roll and I come back to see this ..... are you a mind reader?
Too all hater's out there
I like to see you guys make a comic by
yourself and get hate like it copying ex it just get old why cant other's be more nice for once It can bate you in the back if you don't do sumthing nice every now and then.
oh man well...... GL then in (Realife) Best of love this comic
Maybe true if she is there lost mom there was just eevee's in the egg's soo How do we know? Btw my birthday is coming but like no one's care man I im sad right now
I don't care if it is ripping ssec or whatever I still like it btw my birthday is coming soon.... Like noo one care's :-(
dont be hating
Man why do peps like ruin this?
lol when did shaun know ultra instinct
@Reyna178: Derp........... just derp
that face of coreen's on the last pic it make want to lol
@Reyna178: Ya other can see it now Good
And looks like Reyna need to fix it or it just the website having probles It need too work not asking too much just plz fix it
@OneeChanEevee: ya im knida dumb too lol :-D
@Nonner18: Well there a website to the there names here it is
The eevee's are maybe in later in story
and the characters page is stll in the works soo there that to look into
I like how this going the hard on it
looks like it ma take awhile to them
Good luck on other one
@PKM-150: i agree too It has to be hard to this and and others are like 1st comment ex making it more bad I do enjoy this Eeveeelutionsquad Take your time on making more no rush