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My life goal is to make BL mainstream in the PH. <3

Help support the gei ~
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I was wondering if you also posted this doujin on Tapas? :)
Katsuki threatening the Underworld folks with death yas
I am in love with this background. Good job on those rocks! (And Katsuki's so in-character. :D)
Your art is amazing!
I struggled so much with Sasuke's handwriting being so extra ugh. Stop it, Sasuke.

Let it be known that Naruto started choosing obnoxious curtains when he realized it pissed off his favorite Uchiha.
I'm back! I'm aiming for a weekly update.

I love having my comic pages in color, but I'm also too lazy/impatient to do so properly??? TTATT

But I don't want to not color because it looks so pretty! This is my constant dilemma. :3c

I also changed the sketchpads to whiteboards because sketchpads just feel so impractical for this. Think of all that paper! (Sasuke has a big board with smol wheels and everything because he's a giant nerd.)
You are so sweet! And we'll definitely be here when you get back. :D