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RioluDude Woof
Hi, Im 15 and i love to read these comics, My real name is actually connor but i prefer being called Akumu so please call me Akumu, If anyone wants me to write a story about someone or something Im your guy, I will also help out with the story line of comics being drawn if the artist would like a hand, Im not good at drawing so..... :P, Anyway Im glad to be on Smack Jeeves.
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@That Awkward Water Master: How do you know tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It might be healthy because she's shy, and a tsundere
@Emc_502: We'll have none of that! *Censors your mouth* Nope!
@troxachan: Heres the problem...It's up to PKM to ship whoever he wants with his comic :3 and why do I feel like SpeedyXLazuli is a canon ship anyway???? I think way too deep into these things, There's a question for ya @PKM-150
@AirRaid: *Shrug* Probably not since Crystal knows about Gai being a perv :|
@Mega Mudkip: she doesn't like him no more :P
@Adventure eeveelution: Wont work, Silvia likes speedy as a brother or friend, Black doesn't like pearl in a relationship way, Speedy used to crush on Pearl but doesn't anymore. Pearl is stuck in an endless loop on who to date :P PS. Speedy x Lazuli is a thing aswell and many people seem to like :P:P But your opinions are yours
Annnnddd the shipping sails, First Black x Silvia, soon to come Speedy x Lazuli or Pearl :P
@Emily the shy sylveon: Frost in the comic is probably dead, My OC frost isnt....wait why am i involving my OC ¬.¬
@wowek2: Frost? theres no Pokemon there called frost
Ouch, Lies ruin a lot of relationships but they can sometimes be brought back up with a good piece of apology and truth
@PikuZerodia: *Le lenny face* Sorry not sorry
MANA GET IN THE BAG (Sun and moon reference to nebby get in the bag XD) It's really cute, good job PKM
Cute, R.I.P guests and wouldn't it be cool to have an inner demon like that :D XD
A growing relationship between demon and pokemon :D I feel just like him