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Percentage of boys brought to yard by respective milkshakes:

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Ha! I actually managed to find 11. This was really fun--looking forward to some more :)
Going with Fall with WHAT IS ART'S NAME

and if you die what stuff do i get? :|
April 13th, 2010
Sophia needs a sassy gay friend. Like seriously. This would have turned out so much better.
lol john. work on your hobo more 8(

np bro~

and lol art. at least buy john a drink first.
oh yes, i get to babysit all of your favers. teeheehee >:)

...but lol sophia :( stalkerstalkerstalker
sad that AIN's about to end :( but your next comic is going to be great, bro!
she'll make you a KNUCKLE SAMWICH.

...i've been waiting to use that one -shot-

and if you go a head and apply to be a co-authour, one of us will accept you. then just make your character and post and boom!
If a tree falls in a forest it doesn't make a sound. Why? It's too scared that Issac will hear.

Crop circles are Issac's way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie the fuck down.

The US once bordered the UK. Then Issac decided he needed some space.

Oh, and you should so join, Ace D8 it's wicked fun.
soren you shut your mouth you know I have a condition DDD": -can't draw women-
February 28th, 2010
hey jen! Nice to meet you too :) can't wait to see your OC~
February 28th, 2010
Soooo here we go! Oh, and for you guys who don't know me, I'm ToxicSoul, AKA, soren's lover/bro/dude/partner in crime. Just call me Tox :"D

Name: Parlour
Age: 26
Addiction: endorphin addiction ( )

Bio: Parlour works at a crappy diner on the side of the road. She hates her job but can't get the money to try anything else. She's bored constantly and is really easily aggrivated. Part of the reason for her addiction is her painfully boring life. Parents alive and nice. One brother who's an accountant somewhere. Steady income that can support her. No mortal enemies or hansome lovers. just. . average. She lives off endorphin rush and gets it mostly from pain. No, not an emo--cutting is "taking the easy way out." That pretty much leaves getting into really bad fights. She'll try to provoke anyone who's not a paying customer into a full-scale brawl. Because of this, she's always got scrapes, cuts, and even broken bones. Very much enjoies smashing chairs over people's heads.

Oh, so, the apron in the big shot is her work apron. Feel free to just draw her in her normal outfit (the chibi version) :"D idc. and I made a lame banner, so please please change it if you have something. I hope this is all ok TTuTT
daww poor sophia. someone needs a hug.
. . . . one of your OCs got raped and it wasn't by one of my whores. I feel cheated on.

no, but srsly, poor sophia D":. why do i have a feeling she's going to take this and go the "this means he loves me--he really really loves me! OuO" route?
This story is great! I love the second panel of this page XDD. lol maid cafe <33

....i mean what no i have no series to suggest (edgey and nicckkk)

lol john. you techno whore
I smell cannonnnnn >:(((((( -so didn't squee when she saw this page-
pssstttt. arrrrt. psssst. you're not supposed to want your rapie to run away. just a hint 8(((
updateeeeee yes. I've been looking forward to it!

dude... a foot of snow :( the forcast called for possibly maybe one or two inches of snow on thursday afternoon. I went to the store today and they were out of milk and bread. Oh georgia~

. . . . we'd better find out art's real name by the end of this story D"<