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Hey, this is that one person who appears to be really obsessed with Flowey, but with their own thing! Robots are my passion! If you see this before the video explaining everything comes out, wow! What are you doing with your life!!

People stumbling across this, I plan on creating a webcomic for the group of characters I've cultivated with my Priscilla Weekly video series.
OH geez
Yeah my baldi blog took over everything. I will attempt to update more.
this is the cutest frickign thing thats ever happened in this comic im reeling form how good this is tobias deserves more moments like this oh goshaaaaa
@Pandemiccarp743: to answer both of your questions: yes
@Pandemiccarp743: its a little nod to a thing my friends do. Also a reference to the fact that jake can't eat.
im so excited to see where this goes!
This is interesting so far!