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I'm a former disaffected college student currently employed as an ESL tutor and substitute teacher. I'm basically biding my time until my bestest friend and I can run off to Glorious Nippon and work as ESL teachers while soaking up all the suspicious looks and insincere compliments we receive for being foreigners.

I like writing more than...well, just about everything. Lately I've been messin' about with comics, though, 'cause they cool. I also like animals, reading, film-making, and ridiculous things from Asia.
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NOTE: Remington and I are currently planning our wedding reception. I can't help but feel he's pouring some of his anxiety into this comic.
(P.S. In the case of our napkins, he picked RAINBOW.)
This was my first NaNoMangO, and boy was it liberating! Because we were so pressed for time, we basically had to go with whatever ridiculous shite we came up with off the top of our heads.

REM: What's a good tough guy name?
ME: Barn.

REM: Where do they live?
ME: NeoTokyo.

REM: What's this comic about?
ME: ...

Just kidding, it is about something: the adventures and travails of a gutter-mouthed magical girl and her hulking behemoth of a legal guardian! PLEASE TO BE ENJOYING IT FREELY!
There's a real sense of futility to these Sonic and Sonic comics that I rather like. SONIC AND SONIC WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE THERE'S NO HOPE JUST GIVE UP AND DIE NOW
Rem put in that last line. I almost shit when I first read it.
This happens to me every time I OD on Ritalin.
If you'd told me when I was a kid that I would one day be drawing a picture of Crash Bandicoot high off his nuts, I would have been like, "Awesome!" But inside I probably would have been just a liiittle disappointed in myself.
I didn't realize illiteracy was going to be such a major theme in this comic when we first started it. I guess that's what comes of working in public schools!
This is a real medical tip: if you ever get something stabbed in your heart, DON'T PULL IT OUT. You will bleed to death in seconds. Go to the hospital and have them do it.
...At least, that's how it works if you have a pencil stuck in there. Not sure how effective it is with a frickin' sword.
I feel like I should say that I actually loved Crash Bandicoot games as a child, and I think Crash has every reason to be bitter about his relegation to the dustbin of gaming history.
That said, I obviously didn't love him enough to remember if he can do tornado spins. Looking back, it's possible he just jumped a lot...
Ha! If it were Benedict Cumberbatch, I'd be licking the screen right now. Crash Bandicoot doesn't have quite that same effect...
Hi there! I made this comic too! I just kept forgetting to comment on it. Hope you guys are enjoying your SANIC!
Hahaha that's right, I keep forgetting dudes on Smackjeeves don't like dark stuff. *totters around on scuffed stiletto heels, bottle of cheap liquor in hand, nose bleeding from recent hit of cocaine* Whatsa matter, sweetheart? Am I gettin' a little too REAL for ya?

Unfortunately for my Smackjeeves career, dark is all I really ever do. Sorry to draw you down the path of edginess, remington!
AuraX: False. I care about Dewdrop more than anyone!
Ahahahahaha nice touch making Brock so much shorter than McKenna and rocking the super awkward "hands on the girl's hips (ass)" pose! I love how this turned out. ^_^
@comicboy: Actually, even though it looks like it's misspelled, Meg is really just talking in abrevs. It's the new cool thing!

whatever = "whatevs"
adorable = "adorbs"
totally = "totes"
probably = "prob"
definitely = "def"
jealous = "jelly"

You should try these at your school!
@AuraX: Then I reckon you suckers been DOUBLE fired. How's it taste? (The correct answer is, "like pig shit and quiet desperation.")

But seriously. Shut the f*** up.
^That was me.
Now go play outside.
@Neon the Sniper Joe: It's "Remington," dogg. Like the gun Rem uses to attack people who mispell his name. You have been warned!

Also, we will never give OCs credit.
For anything.
You know, I never knew how tricky it was to draw a Sonic-shaped hammer until I had to do it. Not recommended!
@AuraX: Yes.

@comicboy: There's a good lad. :)