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It's OK, Odette. They're much nicer than the people you're used to.
Poor Paollo has had a rough day.
Looks like his wings (and maybe magic) are the same color as all the evil things that tried to kill them when they first got here.
Hey! It's the first non-homicidal feyn. I wondered what happened to her.
It's like a plant dragon.
This looks more than a bit not good.
@Meh: I love our nicknames for her. Lol
Is that cranky (but helpful) hat lady?
He's such a pure soul.
I wonder if blue slushy was created by the dreaming children in a bid for freedom.
*grabs Cozi* No hurt the adorable love muffin!
Nuuu! Don't hurt him! He's already been hurt enough!
Wonder if Douglas was protecting her from this fate by keeping her in his area.
Not that he's not a first class jerk regardless, but it's potentially interesting.
@Jtron: I like that title.
Go Oddy! I hope you know what you're doing...
Wonder if the references to people stealing their children are about a past Majestan who came and freed the captive children.
Whoa. Paollo going all fury of the Timelord/Avatar state. This is either going to be seriously epic, or seriously bad.
Oooo Oddy got mad first.
What if it's their companions that are doing the brainwashing (to support their masters), and the Feyn are ignorant of it?
Probably not the case, but it seemed an interesting enough theory to mention.