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the unknown text
@Max.electric.tip: i typed the chars. down but it turns out it's all gibberish text... so heh i gess their just making it all up then :b (joking)
BOLT DID A MUCH BETTER JOB AND HE DESERVES MORE CREDIT!!! i'd give him $10 for that(whats USD to poke`?)
i don't understand whats happening in this page...
too bad you can't *LOG*out ;b
(yes that was a pun)
good chapter :3
i have free time in school so i decided to catch up and to finished this chapter today, i wonder what will happen next... (and will lux even evolve?)
@Alexander Legend: i'm no fool, i just assumed it was a mistype, no need to be rude
i hate catching up to the end(i want to read rn)
somemon wants vengeance XD
March 12th, 2019
oooh :3
crimson king? i wana find out what this is
@Deathxael: isn't that tayo from the other story?
his tail says ALEX on it ( 'w')
did no one seriously see that mistype??
she said: `Meyer`
details says:`Mayer`
unown is just english(aka a font)
thats deep .w.
why did tayo haft to die?
(what if they somehow survived? ...)
hey paris, it's the end of the page
good luck
coming up with a new name is really hard >-<