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Hi everyone!

This is my second account! (My other name was satokibi, but I deleted it 'cause I wanted a change)

I'm only using this account for "Manga Diaries". If you want to see my actual comics, my comics account is "Rin-Chan".

anyways enjoy :]

I live in Sydney, Australia and I'm Chinese :]
that's all for now.
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Nope you buy it. It costs a few hundred dollars for a recent one I think...
Hi everyone, long time no see!

I have uploaded a new page finally... It's nice to see that people actually appreciate this collab :) *happy*

I also revised the opening pages. I might re-do my old tutorials - especially the fountain pen one. Meanwhile, everyone, please continue being awesome xD
@s4cr3dcreator: Permission now given ^_^
nice page
thanks for the page! I love it. :)
sure sure, do whatever you want
nooooo you stole my name! (My real name is Lynn and I spell my name with multiple letters too) but don't worry i usually have 3 Ns xD ... and i know thats not your real name...

cute comic btw. One of the best straight ones on here. Too many pointless gay ones just get on my nerves. ^^

do keep it up! xD
lol thanks for comments ...