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If you don't have things to talk about, I'll bring some things up.

I don't think "That was livid at the sight of me" works that way. "*He* was livid," maybe.

On a related note, "I need to doing pages [...]" in your author's comment doesn't quite work, either.
I will admit this amused me more than it probably should have.
I didn't realise the alt text was in colour.

Ichabod, the fact that Stilez *knows* how to use a button doesn't mean she *wants* to.
Assuming I remember correctly, wouldn't the size of that window make not looking out it kind of hard?
It was big, wasn't it?
Have some mercy, Layla.
Psh. Who needs to go *outside*, like a *normal person*.

Might want to double-check Tax's lines, there, you're missing a "you".
There's a 't' missing in 'please do not operate'. Maybe 'operate' stole it and turned it into another 'p'.

How are these kids not dead yet? Future health care can't save you from 'instant death', can it...?
I can't help but feel like many of the people on this ship are biased against Vengeance based on his appearance.

From what little we've seen him talk, he seems like a nice enough guy, even if his choice of topic is... *interesting*.
I didn't realise dead was spelled with the a before the e.
Or that very was spelled with two e's.

As for the actual comic... Captain, I'd think you could've started assuming that the moment most of these people boarded your ship, rather than starting now.
For children who are still in school, they sure do seem to have a lot of free time.
I wonder if future-school can be bribed not to mark absences?
Blitz, I hate to break it to you, but the floating Tabitha head still looks rather creepy, even with colour.
... No, it feels like the ominous red actually might've made it *worse*.
And yet somehow, I can't help but feel like that kind of suits Tabitha and her 'hobbies'.
For lack of any actual hints, I'm going to guess the line you changed is the one which does have closing quotation marks, but not the opening ones.
... I guess you can't make a typo in the title if you just don't give your page a title.

(Says the person who's forgotten to give titles to entire chapters--)

Killing yourself by going to too many cons seems... unwise, so you should probably try and hold on to that resolve.
Don't overwork yourself, now.
Did you know making typos in titles is one of the first symptoms that will surface when you do?
You definitely didn't make a typo in the link, or anything.
There's a typo in the title of the page.

I'd say that many rooms in a dog house seems excessive, but it's Augusta we're talking about, here.
I don't think I'd let *any* kid spend that large an amount of money (no matter how large, specifically, it actually turns out to be) unsupervised.
As for the delay (Or, well, lack of colour, really)--don't worry about it! Producing two pages in somewhat half-colour a week is impressive enough, I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to do it in a few days.