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@Edoz_M: its different almost every page
@Pixel Brush: by puberty I mean its changing quickly and alot
the art style is going through it's puberty
that's what she said
"guess i'll die" moment
that looks so painful THE EYE IS BENDING
i like how the note is actually hard to read
cedar went super saiyan
wait if lumi can fly then why didn't they do that around page 13?
the poop sock was left out next to the bed in the last panel
is that the discord logo in the 2nd panel?
@yellowflame16: when somebody touches your food
the last panel is so easy to meme-ify
it's already being drawn
@bayonoota: you can really see a change from chapter 1 to 2
man I just realized how good this art style is
OH the last shot looks so cool
It's kinda wild to see a comic actually finish because most of the time comics get canceled or are still going on. I remember binging all of these pages up until the most recent one at the time Chaper 20 Page 7 and just seeing you improve over all those years was so cool.

good luck on all of your other comic(s?)!