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This was AMAZING! Such an intense story and art to breathe life into it. You are such a great story teller! I'm faving this one shot. It totally deserves it!
Car looks great to me O_o
In's amazing.
Can't wait for an update, you've caught my attention ^_^
Omg I hate those kinds of people...><

Loving this comic though ^^
Shiny hair - last panel ^^
Wow. Love it!
ROFLOL!! Omg, that's hilarious! I love the random poster and the fact that you've changed it on the last panel. Genius! You're so funny >< lol.
I love George >< Guys in black - my weakness ^^;;
Nice perspective! And yes, the art is better, like it wasn't great before >< and yes the dragons are so stinking cute!
amazing detail ><
3rd panel >< so cute!
Yeah, nicknames after sex is such a turn off ><
The last panel is amazing. Love the detail >< Gah your art is so beautiful ^^
SLAM II - I love it >< Hug! I so do that still lol. I like her already ^^
September 19th, 2008
Omg, I sense a crash coming up pretty soon if he doesn't stop that ><

You draw beautiful hands, btw ^^
I love how you draw/color the hair >< So hot!
No! Now I have to wait >< It's gonna kill me you know!
Oh snap >< !
Yeah, save her the trouble ^_^;;
ROFLOL!! The top panels >< What no naked kitten? ^_-