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I write the adorable tales of the Gods of Cute and Cuddly. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy making it.
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    Wes Odom
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Enter the High Gods
Now I know that you must be wondering "Why is Bastet just a floating mask?" well the answer is simple: She's not in the Cute and Cuddly realm. During the Heavenly Separation Ordinance each afterlife was given a realm of its own that alters everything in it. So if Bastet goes there she gets a cute kitty form and if one of our adorable little gods were to go to a different realm they would take on an appearance that represents that new realm. Write this down, there will be a test later. JK tests are the worst.
Chapter 2 is here!
One note about this page: My first ever Fan Cameo. That little soul that Cammie is playing with is Terra. A character from Neon Noble's comic Tales of Kalzeria. I put out an offer to have characters represented in a couple scenes this chapter and he responded. Support him by reading his comic: and follow him on Twitter: @NeonNoble
Can't get enough of this woman
This character was actually an adopt from Caytlin. I bought her outright because I had to have her in this comic. Don't worry, I think we will see more of this adorable Kitsune in later chapters so stick around and time will tell.
Follow Caytlin on Twitter: @JustCaytlin
Read her comic:
Another thanks to Pixel
Another piece done by Pixel. Fun Fact, both this picture and the previous one of Death Kitty are framed and hung above my couch in the living room.
Read her Comic here:
Follow her on Twitter: @JustCaytlin
Another thanks to Neon
This page was also colored by NeonNoble, thank you so much.
Twitter: @NeonNoble
A big thank you
I'd like to thank NeonNoble for digitally coloring this for me.
He writes a comic here as well titled: Tales of Kalzeria.
Follow him on Twitter @NeonNoble and read his comic at
Thank you so much!
AWW Hugs cure all
We are nearing the end of this chapter, thank you for reading!
Kitty RA's Weakness
Once again we catch her distracted by a round rolling object
Sorry for the delay
Finally after a huge hiatus, I was able to get work done. I've been struggling with severe hand pains that made it impossible to draw. But after lots of doc visits and some personal work I am back and thank you for your patience.
A new character has arrived
Now that we can see all of her, the kitsune here is another adopted character from the glorious Pixel Prism. Check out her work and give her wonderful comic Tamberlane a read.
Sorry for the long delay. I had some issues with color schemes and life kept getting in the way of getting pages done. But here is the page for this week and I will have one up next week too. Hope you continue to enjoy and remember I have a Patreon if you would like to donate, all proceeds would be used to get better equipment for the comic.
sorry for the delay
I was trying to post each Sunday at the very latest since that worked with my job schedule, but they recently decided I can't work the same schedule each week. So it's going to be a bit hard to stick to a certain day to upload. I will upload at least one page a week, I just can't guarantee the day. I am so sorry, but fear not, the Gods of Cute and Cuddly will never forsake you!
This page features a new character: Bastet. I adopted her original design from a very good artist friend of mine and she even designed her further as a God of Cute and Cuddly. She writes her own comic as well, check it out!
Bastet's original design by Caytlin Vilbrandt
Final page of experimentation
I was still debating how to go about coloring and finishing each page after forgoing digital means. I used artist pens for a few panels and it took so long I could not produce work quickly. I finally decided on colored pencil as it is a medium I am comfortable with and can quickly produce quality work going forward.
The only one of its kind
Originally the comic was to be digitally illustrated as seen here, but I decided to use other mediums instead for the remaining pages. I did not redo this first page since I did put in a lot of work trying to learn digital art to do so.