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Okay, wrists are still acting up so I've had to take it super easy. I am still working on the next page though, it's just going at half speed for a while so I don't overwork myself. Thank you for your patience!
And butts hate you >:[

I like how Richard gets all snippy at the hint of romance RICHARD ARE YOU NOT AS BLIND TO IT AS WE THOUGHT?
I actually love knitting.
But all I ever learned how to do was make endlessly long scarves. I don't even remember how to close my stitches at the end.
Omg Sanders. He stands by his decision ahahaha
Sorry this page was so late, jeez! I injured my wrist and that about halved my working time.

This is terrible timing, but I'm going to have to skip next week's update, too - I'm attending a con for four days this weekend and won't be able to work on the comic. Please forgive the delay!
Fff poor Jock, he looks so down in the first panel XD Sanders' pose though omg, so sassy.
You are just leading me through twists and turns here, I hardly know what to think.
Ian is a born playwright.
This comic was quite lovely... though I also look forward to seeing more updates from you!

I hate it when writing stuff has those requirements, I hate writing about myself directly. Like, I don't mind making a character that explores some part of my life, but they'd always make me write journals and stuff in school and it was. The worst. I get to writing about my life and it's like I have nothing to say.
Sorry for the mini rant, but I just. I feel your pain.
Update will be happening later tonight.
Thank you for the comments, I'm glad it looks good so far!
Aww, Andy's so bitter @_@
Sorry this is so late! I was dumb and mismanaged my time. At any rate, I think I'll be moving my update day to Friday, since that seems to jive with my schedule a little better (so far!)
I bet Sanders wants to move in with Jock because he wants to be able to tell everyone that he is the most attractive person in his household. Jock is such a self esteem boost for Sanders that Sanders wants him to be around all the time.
Ah, poor Karen! I hope Richard doesn't have more work for her to do XD
Oh man, he should totally go for it!
I bet her heart SOARS when she sees him.
I bet she thinks he'll really make her SING in bed.
Because you know
birds fly and sing
and she's a bird.

You would be next door neighbors with a guy whose parents are related to each other and you could leave Breed for a while and then someone could ask you 'what about that guy' and you could say "oh he's in Breed."
Baww, Reilly's face. THEY'RE MAKING UP
May 23rd, 2012
Let's try this again.
Mr. Porter don't die okay @_@
Uh oh what is going to happen to Reilly after this! I hope she wakes up, too XD What if she and Mr. Porter trade places D:
Oh man, I'm super excited to see the real Jack come back! And gah him and Reilly can team up for real now and it'll be awesome.
Ah, sorry, I've been a bit bad about commenting lately XD Mostly I've been on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens next! Also I kind of love Mr. Porter much better than his Mr. Friday persona.