Moo Moo
I came on Smackjeeves sometime around the end of 2006, beginning as a guest.
So this was my mistake, but I should let ya'll know Yellow Diamond knows exactly what corrupted gems are.
That must be so hard for you :( :( :(

The comic was created on October 3rd 2015.

Message Received aired on January 7, 2016 so it would be completely illogical.
I'm just not updating EVERY DAY dudes, take a chill pill.
Would be a shame if I ended the daily updates here
I am 100% confident he's gonna get in trouble
@Voidwing: Yep, hopefully to the end of the chapter.
Ok guys, a very spoilery page appeared last night that was supposed to be for May 5th, not April 5th.

I'm gonna ask that you PLEASE do NOT talk about it in the comments.

The comic will be updating daily starting on April 8th so if you could be patient that'd be great. It'll come up soon enough.
@Voidwing: Ah, thanks! I appreciate that you actually made an account :D
And yes, the coloring is amazing :3
Come on you two, he's asking for a healer! Has to be important :(
@???: its been two days
Bonus comics
@Haloboy11721: They were different gems. I probably should have drawn the long-haired gem farther down the hall to show they had passed each other.
Ya'll were freaking out over nothing haha
Hmm something looks different about this page-
OH! It's in color!
But is was NOT colored by me.
It was colored by tumblr user, calonarang
Go check them out. They're great.
And will be coloring the next few pages.
@britt: Yes