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Oooooh, that pain is all too real. He forgot to add about people stealing the sketchpad, tearing up the artwork or using it to mop up something.
Gah! This won't load either!! Do you have a backup or other location to view them?
This one doesn't load either, no matter what I do. Grrrrr
Page is definitely down T_T
Found a backup here 253&episode_no=8
Sooo. Nobody even considered that Abel might be ok with her messing around in toilet stalls?
He seemed plenty ok with her messing with half the town, the lightning and almost killing the kids so who knows how it is between them. Don't assume.
Yay another update! Woa, it's been seven years already since the start!
I'm still checking in now and again (every few years) so it's a happy surprise to see it's still running!
Hope your kid is doing well and keep up the good work, even if it's only sometimes it's still great and I'd love to see this story come to fruition.