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Hello, I'm Sam (Sammy, Samwise, The Mitmit, Shrimplet), and am the author of Mark and Joshua Comics (such an original name. Do you think that says something about my creativity?).

AGE: 19
LIKES: my characters, Russian and English literature, Calvin and Hobbes, The Venture Bros., my family and friends, train rides, cafes with endless supplies of dark coffee, my green notebooks, sleeping, bad slash jokes, and psychology.
DISLIKES: things that make Mark and Joshua feel bad, lack of coffee, lack of green notebooks, lack of cafes, ignorance, intolerance, math classes, long bus stop waits, and smelly people.
BASICS: My creed is, "Find a way to live that is meaningful to you."

PS DON'T PM ME! I can't seem to receive them for some reason, or send them. E-mail me and I'll get back to you.
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I think it turned out well:)
Dun dun dun!

Nice page:D
Another comment!
I'm really loving the narration you do. It has grown on me.
Dun dun dun!

I like how the pages flip in the book in the first panel:D
I love his face in the third panel!
The writer here! This was based on a history channel special on Hitler's doctor, who gave him speed. And speed causes aggression....

Notice Joshua is always in his boxers shorts when he's in a dream.

Don't forget to share with us your thoughts!
I really like his expression in the last panel.
I've stuck around because I like it so much! Don't worry!
What Have I Written?
Sonya, Joshua's cousin, has created a website dedicated to Mark. Mark, as you can tell, hates this.

This was not inspired by ANYTHING. I don't know WHERE THE HELL this came from!

A lot of girls at their high school have signed up for the forum...they all find Mark hot. Poor Joshua, he has no fans...


P.S. Sonya is evil!
The writer here! Yes, these are my beliefs on Christianity and homosexuality! Since I grew up a Christian, I've had to reconcile that with my homosexuality.

Is Joshua Christian? We-ell...that's for you to decide;P
I really like the last panel:)
Purple *giggles*
Have fun! *waves* It's very nice in So Cal where I am.
I would want to play with it too! My hypothetical one, not his;P
Well, he seems happy, and that's what counts!
*shudders* That is gonna hurt.
I like the cloak ;P And Loukas's face is cute.
Love those last two lines, though I am a little confused *scratches head* I suppose it shall make sense when we sally forth!
I got that they were a couple:)
I sense he has as "past"....