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Fuck Smack Jeeves. I gotta move on and start to live. Have a nice time hanging around here nerds! I' done making sprites and sprite comics here where they arn't appreciated. If you want to see my real art, go check out my Sheezy Art and DeviantArt accounts. I use the same name there as I did here.
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@megafonzie: I'm not sucking up to you.
Congrats megfonzie. *gives megafonzie a cookie*
Poor Roxas, he can't be original, everyone wants him to join the crowd.
DYR! Joined the comic I see.
I'm gonna let SMF make the next one.
Thanks! The sheet looks really good by the way. I see you got another person to join also.
A simple four-panel comic. Soon the two will meet and a plot will be born!
I'm going to the movies thats why. I'll try and get people to join but I can't make any promises.
Sure. By the way ancara I might not be able to update tonite.
Fine I'll put the hat on them and the Jester hat is on the second half to show its his power form.
Sure my sprites messed up when I tried to upload them. ancara make a sprites page while your at it.
*cough*lets stop coughing*cough*
There's alot of endings for this being made for this plot. Which is the really one?
Sure just didn't know where to get backgrounds.
And he's here!
Yo my intro is posted. My sprites and all that will be up soon.
With that elephant I could have been unstoppable, but you had to ruin my plans Silent J.