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I'm a hobo, addicted to FFXIV and loves to make doodle and such. Planning to make a practice comic so beware of it's horror!

Also own a White Shepherd named Jake and lives in Northern Norway!
September 14th, 2019
I hate when people wake me up from a good dream :T
When you're not being taken serious and all you wanna do is contribute u__u
Poor lad, got rejected.
And so it begins...
Back in middle school, I used to have this comic idea.
Originally it involved humans who turned into wolves, the tags were ranks. One tag with special engravings were highest, them more tags your had, the lower your rank.

Tho, I got so much old concept art of it, I still wanted to draw the comic, but because I may or may not remove humans entirely, I need to remake the comic and it's story. I still like the concept of the tags and that's what driving me to try and make it.

These are just concept art of the maybe main crew. Designs are not final and may change.
And that's the end of the sorta intro of the comic, I swear It will make sense later!
Originally this were just a test page for style testing, but it ended up as a page in the end. I'm aiming the comic to be colored like this page, versus page 1 & 2.
Excuse my zero effort on this page, but the next one looks way better despite being made back in 2016, spoiler alert, it was my test page here which made into the comic.