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Self loathing aside, I'm still a little proud of that page
I hate his design!!!
Hoooohhh noooooo, this guy.....
Clink clink clink, wake up you #$%&ing chi-
Full disclosure, the chapter after this was made months after this one ended, a lot was changed, especially some names, hence some scratched out or changed text.
Is he in his mind or mine?
It's finally over! Moving on to my 2nd worst chapter, and then we can actually begin.
Hey, I make the stupid overused 4th wall jokes, damn you 15 yr old me!
In soviet mindset, powers choose you
All jokes aside, please bare with me here, it does get better when Ch.3 rolls around
He man of steel'd himself!
Name drop, puh-leez!
So your eyes are fine when you're enveloped with magic light, but a real one hurts it?
I got nothing...
I'm so glad I changed up my style from this
Case was cracked open harder than his skull
Shoot all your problems away!
"We don't have fingers, why did you choose rock when we can only do paper or rock?" -Lyn
One of the 1st of many more pages so old and bad in my eyes that I don't want to, but have to upload because it's important to the story