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Film_ Mations
Working on a non existent budget and payroll!
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Ok I might've been having too much fun making this page for obvious reasons
Somehow no one was burned in all this...
Oh yeah, bet you forgot those 2 were heading to them did you?
"You're already dead"
I spit on your defenses, literally
Also sponsored by toby maguire's meme-able face from the Spiderman trilogy
Brought to you and sponsored by "venom", because who didn't like the end of that trailer?
Full disclosure, ever since I finished the current chapter, I really wanted to redesign a lot of the characters including some that haven't been shown yet.
Why are you running, WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?! (Sorry)
Why are you running, WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?! (Sorry)
Ominous, well it would be, if you were actually intimidating
Remember how I said some characters got redesigned multiple times? Remember that for later.
Ain't know better way to prove your point than at gun point
A lot happened and is happening to the series ever since I took a hiatus from the early chapters, and I figured to clear the air on it all. The upload schedule will change as a result to around 2 pages a week, as to give myself a small head start, although I will take a week off right now to get things ready
Knowing Wallis, he probably just pulled the test answers out of his hat
Ok were done, hoo boy, if you stuck around through all that then I commend you
How could you miss that badly, he's less than 5 ft in front of you!
Don't get used to any of their designs
Truly a fight for the ages
Why do I suddenly feel very ashamed