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comic artist and illustrator, currently published through con artist entertainment and space coast comixx, nb lesbian they/them

if any of y'all wanna help support me ;)
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    Cori Walters
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we're back!!
six page update starts here!

hey so sorry it's been so long! I've been super busy this past year (don't leave in a december and come back in a january, it makes it look way longer than it is) and now that my life is finally starting to settle down again I've got time for spectra again!

the first thing you may notice is the patreon buttons all over the site, and here's the deal with that: I usually do batch updates for this comic because I feel it's a better reading style BUT since it can take me a while to be able to get from start to finish on an update in an around my other projects I felt like I needed a more continuously streaming content style. from now on if you donate to my patreon for literally any amount per month you'll get full access to spectra pages as I finish them. they'll be posted directly to smackjeeves so if you're logged in you can see them on this site, or you can go to my patreon page directly to view them as well as lineart versions of the pages if you want to see them even earlier. help me help you to read my comic!

also on my patreon is sneak peaks of other projects I'm working on becaauuusse..I'm the primary artist for CAE studio's Wrong Way: An American Punk Story! the first issue of that is up on comixology if you want to give it a look, it's a crime-y slice of life comic with a stong punk rock flavoring. exciting stuff!

aaand as a final wrap-up, for those of you that prefer to use tapastic to keep track of your webcomics, spectra now has one of those!I'm super excited to share with you guys all the stuff I have planned!
three page update
starting here!

things aren't lookin too hot for our hero here are they
four page update!
start update here!

man lemme tell you I did not see that coming
update starts here!

four page update!
click here to read this update from the start!

sorry for the massive delay between updates again,, I promise I haven't abandoned this comic I've just been absurdly busy and tired from work BUT I think that situation's turning around for me so!! fingers crossed
February 2nd, 2014
two page update!

SORRY FOR THE DELAY i'm slowly in the process of figuring out a routine that works for me after having a couple of months
sorry for the delay!
three page update, starting here!

in me news I finally managed to land a job and have also became the proud parent of two adorable rat children so that's why it took so long to get this update out.

HOPEFULLY now that my life is starting to stabilize I'll be able to get updates out on a more regular basis so we shall see!
I'm really pleasantly surprised with this webcomic! by this point I've read so many that they all start to bleed together but these characters really stand out and I'm finding myself really honestly invested in their goings-ons
November 13th, 2013
five page update
as always, click here to read from the beginning of the update

also I made a vaguely-inspired-by-this-comic mix on 8tracks that can be listened to here!

and finally fan julie pawlik did a fanart of axi and gesh that is SUPER CUTE that can be viewed here!
thanks for sticking with us for another chapter!
as always the update starts here!

I hope you're all enjoying my comic so far and am looking forward to the coming chapters as much as I am!
Four Page Update
read from the beginning of the update here

I'm really sorry about the hiatus, my life has been. tumultuous
update start here though this one's only two pages
as always, the start of the update is here
spray dot brush by f ormfieber
sorry for the wait!
spectra is back in action now though! as always, read from the beginning of the update here!
thanks for sticking with us for a whole chapter!
as always, click here to read from the beginning of the update!

after this there's going to be another brief hiatus (I know I know, bear with me) while I finish scripting the next chapter and take on some commissions so as to have a cushion as I scramble to find a job for the summer (if you're at all interested in that you can direct your attentions to my prestigious art tumblr as you wait for me to get my shit together and make a post, though I'll probably make a post here too before too long)
read from the first page of the update here!
sorry for the delay in getting these up, I've been assdeep in finals lately. I'll try not to make it take so long with the next ones but I'm not quite through the semester yet
click here to read this update from the start!

also if you're in the mood for reading some world-buildy stuff about this society, click here