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@Rateus: Thank you :3
Must be one of the least romantic weddings there are
@EpicSignal: It was probably a ditto, might be his kids' "mother"
@Lokitheveganswampert666: It's a boy,the author tends to show which gender the character is by giving the female characters eyelashes
Probably his old team name
@Alex M: Actually it is probably because his father was injured and possibly dead
How comes Siron doesn't use his scarf to cover both his left eye and his ear?
Here is a question for Selina:
How does it feel like when you're a dragon?
I think he might be suspicious
Btw.. why are you reading the to do list upside down?
How dare you not have made more?
@PKM-150: You dont have to hurry, those who truly like the comic can probably tolerate waiting. I atleast know i can wait, so take your time!
I think he Will go to bed again
He needs to learn how to dodge when the ladies throw stuff at him