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@Seredawolf22: Heheh :D
I've fixed the page a bit. Some pictures were not as I wanted them to be, including Tikeron not smilling :D
@Gemma91: Thank you ^v^
I hope I've fixed it now.
@Thatoneguest: :D indeed
:DDD hahah! Nice!
Awww I am sorry ^^;
But I am happy you liked it!
Kativa is one strong mare indeed :D hopefully Lorko will make her proud.
Thank you so much ^^ I am glad you like it!
^^ my appologies...
Thank you so much ;w;
Something to cheer him up with? :D
She is :D
Oh my thank you so much for your kind words ❤
It means to me a lot!
I am happy you like the story so far ^^
Thank you ^v^
Thank you :3 it was fun drawing them!
@kainou lunarfox:
Yes it is :D she is indeed not happy about that xD
Thank you :3 I am glad you like it!
She may face the wrath of revenge indeed :D
Hahah, yeah, she tends to have the last 'neigh' :D
Oh my goodness, thank you so much o.o
It's touching to hear something like this!
Thanks a lot for your kind words ♥
Thank you very much ♥
He's definitelly not a fighter and didn't train his muscles much. Ah yeah ... :/ he kinda is. It made him more pessimistic.
Let's hope ^v^