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I write stuff.
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Brad is having none of your racial profiling
I Play DnD
No, this strip isn't meant to target any group of people specifically. I play DnD every Saturday (Goliath Battlemaster, wooh) but the first time I played and was told my character could be whatever I wanted, this was exactly what sprang to mind. I am now happily married though
Bugs are Fun to Draw
Okay, I know the positions I drew in the second panel are actually DEFENSIVE positions, but google "mantis defensive position" and tell me they don't look like they're saying "wazzup" or "what's good in the hood". If I could make a full time living off of photoshopping beanies and bling onto photos of praying mantises I would
Beep Boop
Analysis: Every part of my human body hurts and I am always sad. The toaster has been rejecting my advances. Clearly this existence is an error on several levels
I've Made 30 Of These Things
I've officially inflicted thirty of these strips unto the world. Many more to come
I've Been Reading Lovecraft Lately
Kyle would be the worst roommate
Flashbacks don't happen when people are okay, princess. Can you think of a flashback in a narrative that didn't involve great emotional pain? Next time think before you speak, princess. It's okay you didn't know
Ha Ha
The joke is crime
A Question for You
What's YOUR favorite holiday song? Make sure to leave it in the comments below! It helps drive my website statistics up!
This is definitely the first recorded instance of a corporation trying to catch onto a trend and it not going well.
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Never give up on your dreams, kiddos
August 9th, 2018
This is the best thing I have ever read
@artofjoe: No. But I did think of it after I got laid off lol
It happened
This is by far the stupidest comic I have ever written or drawn
The real sadness in this comic strip is how that raptor turned out. I will practice drawing you more, O ye ancient beast that was really the size of a dog and covered with feathers.
After a two-year hiatus, Doodles of Sadness is back to being updated M-F. (I've got over two months worth of strips written, just have to illustrate them.) I'm now in a position in which I can produce these strips and I now have the available tools.

Expect some fluctuation in style. I'm still trying to find what is most visually pleasing and stylistic but still economical. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!


My theory is that the rich guy has an underground orphan-fighting ring
This bizarre little world you've created is wonderful. Great colors, funny dialogue; y tambien hablas espanol? Yeah you've got one more fan.