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Awesome! I love the unique designs.
My theory is that the rich guy has an underground orphan-fighting ring
This bizarre little world you've created is wonderful. Great colors, funny dialogue; y tambien hablas espanol? Yeah you've got one more fan.
You know how most funny things on the internet just sort of make you exhale sharply out of your nostrils? This actually got an audible laugh from me. Love it when that happens
Love your style. Definitely going to start from the beginning and read the whole thing
I'm the 666th fan. Muahahaha
Hahaha you're going to make me blush @Ian Evans. Thanks for your kind words man
Cool, fellow stick-man artists! I like y'all's style, it's definitely got character! Will definitely be going through and reading this
Just finished reading the whole comic. That was really enjoyable! I love the concepts and Charming's design is really well done, and your characters are actual characters that feel like characters rather than just cartoon figures with words next to them - lots of comics do that.
This is genius.
This strip was originally released May 2, 2016. The joke here is that there isn't a cat in the entire world that would be this nice
This strip was originally released April 22, 2016. For whom doth the bell toll? It tolls for Paul
This strip was originally released on April 21, 2016. In which Mr. Monopoly's spending habits, ethics, and recreational activities are all brought into question.
This strip was originally released April 20, 2016. If you follow my simple 1 step program I guarantee results
This strip was originally released April 19, 2016. I might be making fun of conspiracy theories, but how did the dog learn to talk?? HOW?? We demand answers
This strip was originally released April 18, 2016. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you got to go where the fish are, so I really don't see what all the fuss is about officer
This looks promising - I enjoy your art style! You've got a fan.
Fellow Stick-Artist
Always good to see another stick-comic. Interesting premise, too. I'll keep an eye on this. And if you're still looking for someone to write a story, email me at You can check out my other writing at
This strip was originally released April 16, 2016. I asked my mom to read this and she said it was "cute." Mom being visually impaired does not correlate with cuteness just what other things do you think are cute you've said I'm cute before but blindness isn't cute mother I need answers (next update Monday @ 8:00 am)
I enjoy your art style! Looking forward to reading this whole thing.