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Retired system administrator, technical writer. Been building PCs since 1985. Fishing, camping, woodworking, gardening - and Skyrim.
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    Wolf Davidson
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Hi SkadiErendra;

I went hunting for the author of the two cartoons a member of my FB group Friends of Inigo shared that he'd found elsewhere; and he had no idea who created them -

I'm glad you were easy to find; your cartoons are delightful :)

I am also very glad that I was not eating or drinking anything while reading!

I'm going back to add attributions now to those posts; however, I was not able to find what YOUR preferences are for your work being shared elsewhere.

Please let me know; if you prefer them not being shared, I will delete them from the group and let the group members know.

Also, if you are on FB, you are very welcome to join the group "Friends of Inigo"