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@ZHODY the delfinator: *makes the face in your profile pic*
August 13th, 2019
@Datboi : *eye emoji*
do you... believe in love connie
August 20th, 2019
It's actually Ms. Haskell but she's too tired to correct him
August 13th, 2019
Meanwhile, in the middle of a different nowhere...
I have been waiting for this page since the first few pages in the Deerface sketchbook ( ˙꒳​˙ )
This page, though, was not brought to you by guns or roses. It was brought to you by knife emojis.
This page was brought to you by 10 straight minutes of Slash soloing.
Me, a year ago: "Yayyy, when the bike gets smashed I'll never have to struggle to draw it again!"
Me, now, struggling to draw a bike corpse: "..."
My friends and I have started a fan server for all our comics on Discord. Would anyone here be interested in joining?
t e e t h
For those on Tapas and Smackjeeves, the Webtoon location recently got a ton of new subscribers... Thus the voices in Mark's head have multiplied terrifyingly in the space of a few seconds
i like them
y'all wanted him to hug a pumpkin, right?
Anyone who makes "deer in the headlights" comments will be run over by a truck for realsies
iiiiiiiiit's pumpkin guts time!
@ratratrat11: lol you say you don't know how to participate, but that question is perfect. It will make Mark very uncomfortable.