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skidadle skidodle
ur d*!k is now a noodle
i like to draw random friking REAL shite with a pencil.
Also pls don't fuck up my name. I get extremely triggered. thee "J" is pronounced as an "H" not a FUCKING X LIKE SOME WHITE IDIOT SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS.
Oh yeah memes/ cursed images are my thing.
thats it noW LeAF mE ALoNe pLS
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    Javier Gonzalez
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hmmmm this seems familar
Why do I get the feeling that this is just Endgame?
*roblox death sound

Don't you dare deface my boi Shrek like that
*roblox death sound
me: *picks up pillow and stress ball
me: *simultaneously whips and nay nays also me: proceeds to cry until asleep
me: *attempts to read page
My mind: *error 404
mind: system rebooting... shutting off computer... power off.
mind: *booting up... loading...
mind: scanning for malware...
Mind: There were 1082947329081651273 viruses detected on your computer, please consider throwing your current computer out of your window and getting a new one
That last panel tho *clicks* NoIcE
To anyone
Out of everyone who is the most espresso depresso?
@Frost Fox: indubitably sir ( is that the right use? eh idc)
I think i just went blind by looking at that.
you are already dead
omae wa mou shindeiru.

@Silver Eevee: Frick, ya got me there.
@Silver Eevee: yea but the grape was already dead, so doing surgery probably stopped it from turning into a raisin
To Kalvin
You know they did surgery on a grape?
you know they did surgery on a grape?
@venami: yea but it SAys #6 pg0-6-6
thats a 666 in my book
I'll be honest i'm not really looking at the picture but at the fact that this page is 666.
@Derpygungun123: No none o' that shit here it spawns evil in the hearts of others