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This is so fucking cool! I can’t even!
Whaaaaat is happening?!?!
August 14th, 2019
So cute! :D
Aaah the third panel is perfection!
Pointy ears are important though! :D
It's all good! :D
July 28th, 2019
@Kotokot: Wellcome to the nothern countries. :D
o/ I am coming to Ropecon but I'll be stuck in the vendors area most of the time. :D
Looking good!
He has said he loves Sooch before. ;)
Oh they are evil!
Wow That last panel! So cool! So perfect!
It's more then fine, it's great!
You do with your art as you see best! I'm looking forward to the edited version. Take your time!
Yay for not being dead! Also I love the moody emo elf! :D
I still love the way you draw clothes! <3
The sky is a great ending scene!
congrats on hitting page 50!!