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Here we go! (I love this panel!)
i really like this coloring. <3
awwwws <3 So cute!
You did good! :D
June 4th, 2019
Looking good! :D
Trauma talk! Yeah!
It's the title! Also she is cool!
You're a wizard Mika!
This is so precious! <3
I'm not a huge fan of the dad. :D
Mischief looks so cool! I'm so in love with this fight scene! :D
The confusion!! :D
Looks good!
This is so cute!
Oh the color is beautiful!
Oh no! i was not prepared for the dorkness!! I shall fortify myself for the dorkness to come thought. :D
Oooh a double update! I'm so exited for this!
I for one am fine with it. You do you! ;)