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How many of you think that 'Cloverfield' would have been a million times better if, in the end, the monster picked up the camera?
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My 'what happened?' happened pretty early for me, maybe ten-ish. Now I'm turning 17 and I'm freaking out just going 'What happened?! How did I get this far?! This is insane!' Then I go do something to get my mind off of it.

Kinda late, but man I'm glad box. is back! I missed this so much. <3
O...M...G...0.0 When I saw the preview for this I was like, "oh, kinda boring for her," but that was a filthy lie! :D :D :D This is just amazing. And very unexpected, which is nice.

About previous page/comment: Wow, see this is what I mean by when I said this page looked boring for you. You always have colors or details or both. I don't know if I say this enough, but you really are an amazing artist. Not like 'Kawaii gr8 job!!!! U R a gr8 artst!!!' But really, you're amazing at this.
And I would be the one to beat you with that nerf football if I didn't TAKE RANDOM BREAKS FROM THE INTERNET I'M NOT YELLING AT _YOU_ I PROMISE. ...There are new Kingdom Hearts coming out? I thought they were over with! I have to deal with the outpour of art and comics and stories and geeking out all over again!? D: Stargate SG 1 is kinda boring to me, Atlantis has, well, the same obvious plots but better characters! That counts! And what's Kingdom Hospital?

(Yes, I'm kinda all over the place, but that's what happens when I'm gone for so long. Sorry! >.<)
The only people I recognize are Bonny and Kyle ; . ; (Okay, that's a lie, I recognize Sora but I've severed all ties with him after he cheated on me with EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, HAVE THEY ALL PLAYED THIS GAME?!). I understand the slump, I'm kinda in one right now. I blame Stargate:Atlantis (if you haven't noticed I'm a geek by now that should tell you). I'm getting more and more excited for your new comics, and can't wait to see them update! :D
That last panel is GOOOOORGEOUS! Man, I dunno whether to be happy or sad I'm not alone in my newfound love for Aiden. At first he just seemed like a jerk, then spoiled, now I find out he's actually smart with an awesome, if easy-to-go-wrong and complicated plan. Go Aiden! But don't, like, /win/ or anything.
I remember the first one as well, and can see the similarities. I can also see how this has evolved and you've become better, even through this short time. I love the main guy, and am very excited to see what will happen next!
Oh. My. God. :O!!! You are amazing! Pure amazingness! I'm so happy I can't think of another word, so...AMAZING! Honestly, if this is what you're like lazy I'm afraid of your top-notch best. My brain would probably explode. Three hours?! Man you are amazing. Okay, I'm going to look through a thesaurus to find more words, but for now just know: Amazing.
GORGEOUS. You are so amazing really. I don't have a facebook, so I don't know what you had to draw with and how good it is, but you did an amazing job.
Okay, I'm required to say 'octapus' because that's what I always say when anyone asks me what they should draw. But really draw whatever you want, I'm just excited to see your art!
Yay! Updates and a devart account! :D (So excited). Er, going to see the other picture you put up now.
I did not notice the carrot-resemblance until you pointed it out. Now I see nothing but a carrot. -.-

I love the brunette's character design! And Parker's a bit odd but I can't seem to not like him.
Ugh, adorable! I love your art, and your quick breaking-of-the-fourth-wall, and your characters are already full of life and seem very real. Can't wait to see more!
I love Tevy on that last panel. She looks so adorable while thinking of very odd stuff :D I feel bad for that other girl. I hope she can find a happy ending!
Gorgeous gorgeous page! You are amazing at telling a story, even when it's just three pages. It flows so smoothly and makes it so easy and likable to read. I love the new font, makes it look even more professional! Can't wait to see the next page. ~pressurepressure~ ;D
Ahhh! Sareana!

...Well, that was unexpected. o.0
I agree with Endz Beat. I knew I was right to be worried! What's going to happen with Sareana? Oh no, I'm even more worried now!
I very much love your art and story. I can't wait for the updates! :D
Well, I'm just putting this here because this was the comic you updated the most. I was scared that this comic was just dead, but I want to try and see if I can get you back. I really miss your amazing drawings and comments! Please come back! This place seems so empty without your art and comics to brighten it up. Update? Send me a link to an art site? Anything? T.T
I'm a bit worried. Should I be worried? I'm worried. Tevy is so sweet. Maybe too much?
...Zombie? Really Tevy? Oh well, I forgive her totally random conclusion for her constant and awesome use of 'Oh my Buddha'. I'm going to have to start saying that. And poor Sareana, how DO you explain something like that? Especially to your crush!

EDIT: Lol, I just saw what the moth said! I think I love this comic even more, which I didn't know was possible.
Your art is too amazing not to fave! Seriously, your art is so beautiful. I cannot stop staring!
It's...So...Adorable...*dies from cute*