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@Beepis: sorry about the late reply, but thank you! <3
@bigredlittlewolf: that's a very high honor thank you
I love how greg has his own lil police hat
@Blucakes020302: I've purposefully left the genders of the characters ambiguous, so it's up to you I guess haha. I think of leafeon as nonbinary tho (sorry about the late response)
@derp man: idk man, the fact that you keep commenting on it despite implying that you dislike it multiple times. it's just a dumb comic. I don't care if you don't like it. but if you don't, you can just do literally anything else with your time than leave comments like this.
@L: can't give you an answer on that unfortunately. I'll make more comics when I have the time, energy and inspiration to do so.
just so you guys know... I don't have any more comics queued and I'm not sure when I'll be able to make more, so it may be a while before there are any more updates. sorry but life gets busy and this comic is pretty low priority compared to all the other things I have to do.
@derp man: no one's forcing you to read it my dude
they sleep in a pile that is so cute omg
@Kiel124a: it's supposed to be they chased leafeon offscreen lol
THe lines are so bad in this one hahahaha
fun fact: originally leafeon met espeon's parents far earlier in the comic but it just felt weird. even now it kinda feels weird. idk, what do you guys think?
oops, looks like I queued this one to post a day early lol
there is alt text (text that appears when you hover over the comic) on some of these, just so you know... I think I'll be putting them on all comics now
Fanart Feature
oh, and check out this lovely fanart!
hey, this is the same author as before, I just changed accounts. sorry I kinda forgot about this comic for a while. I'll try to work on it more now. updates are on Thursdays
@HowlingArctic: yeah that's absolutely alright c: glad you enjoy it so much! sorry about the late response, I haven't been on Smackjeeves in ages...