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I draw pokemon comics.
That's it, ya'll can go home.
(Just kidding, wait, don't go..!)
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@ApeMode: Mon/Wed/Fri!
@Eevee power: Those are based on my old pokemon miniatures. I had two Marill and liked to think they were twins. lol
@MR.Zoet: You know, having the sepia color actually made me think about the possibility of changing the page color on purpose for certain scenes, would be interesting!

(Yiipe, thanks for reading them! :,D )
I like the sepia! And markers are cool, too (and probably faster to fill! xD).
@GearTech147: Thanks!
Wow, that word never looked so alien, I think I always ignored that "c" until now lol
@Weaselcheez: It's a Mudkip!!
The reason he resembles a Marshtomp is because he is near evolving... Also, Mudkip's original color got really ugly with the comic's general pallete :,D
With this page, Sunday updates are back.
@Moon creechor: Mudkips are pure water type! They only get the secondary ground type afer evolving.
I am in awe by your art all the time, but I really like the visuals effects on this page : D
@Eeva the Eevee: Bad drawn algae!
@comercole: It's just for comedy effect, he isn't actually crying xD
@Woshi: Thanks!
@comercole: It's the time since she saw the legendary mon.
@Lyman: Oh, this happened because I changed the speech in the last minute! (originally it was "you should apologise"). Thanks for pointing out!
@Guest: Thanks!
Cool! :D
@MercenaryX: Well, I guess Zorua/Zoroark are overrated. Similar to Lucario, it was shown in a movie before the games and so it became very popular!
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