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I draw pokemon comics.
That's it, ya'll can go home.
(Just kidding, wait, don't go..!)
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@Roosterington: It's supposed to be a flashback scene of them younger!
@Kawaii Emolga: No, I just added to fill space! He's part of another team I don't think it'll ever appear actually. Maybe as bg characters, but that's all.
@Weaselcheez: Why he wants to be an explorer.
I can't stop laughing at that last panel xD
@Flareon1225: Food! You'll discover what it is at some point lol
I always had fun with pokemon contests, so I'm excited to see how you'll handle it in comic format hehe
@rodneysux69: It's based on all the games! But some of them are more referenced than others (such as Bayani being the hero of the first PMD).
@rodneysux69: From the PMD2 games, after the quiz you have to touch the screen and the game will give your aura color.
@comercole: No, no, the "!" is just to to emphasize. ^^
@comercole: She meant the aura color!
@Murp: In Chapter 4 end I added the link for it! It's been a long time it closed, tho.
Chapter 6 starts next Monday!
See ya!
Thanks for posting too
It's been very fun to read it all! Your art style is sooo nice, and the story is very enjoyable. B)
@Eeva the Eevee: Because of the comment above lol I edited and ended up liking so I let it be.
@anonymous2006: I was just fixing it! xD
Thanks for pointing out.
@Guest: I googled it and I think aloud works here! I didn't know about "out loud", thanks for mentioning.
@dantelupine: Only in the second panel. Never played the 3DS games, nor did I ever get Squirtle in the quiz.