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I draw pokemon comics.
That's it, ya'll can go home.
(Just kidding, wait, don't go..!)
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@Pok: I won't delete it for good, I just don't want someone to start reading the comic or getting to this part and find a outdated hiatus announcement xD
@Guest: I was going to go back this week, but I fell sick. Next week for sure.
Just letting you guys know that the update day still is Sunday, I'm just trying to fill missed updates. xD
It was worth it!! I like it very much, look at all those tiny details! The world feels more real! It's a nice contrast with the dungeon inside, I can almost feel the fresh air now. xD
@timelordforlife: Sadly I don't have any plans for it. Maybe... in a distant future. lol
Thanks for reading!
Hmm... I though a lot about what to write here. lol
First of all, let me rant about how this end was rushed. I was supposed to show their trip to the Vechi temple and, of course, the dungeon adventure in the said temple! Also, it's kind of sad I couldn't show more of the relationship of Karin and Ícaro, they were supposed to be really close, since they both were raised by the elders to keep Umbra under control. I like to see them as stepsiblings! Also, it's not clear in the comic how Ícaro discovered about Karin being Umbra, nor if the elders really knew or not. Just like the story resolution, I'll leave it up to your imagination. What else... As a short comic I didn't get to show much about how magic works, which I never had a proper planning anyway. Also, there's the colored eyes thing in early pages, it was supposed to happen to the characters everytime they used magic! Except no one used any magic later...

Welp, thanks for reading!! I'm happy that I could finish it, even if it has a lot of things I dislike. At least I know what to avoid now! Also... Feel free to drop a comment about what you liked and disliked! Feedbacks are appreciated! hehe

That's it. Thanks again :>
@Logic: I'll think about it! At first I just wanted to test my limits pff
But I guess I can go back with a less intense update schedule : D
Sorry, I'm afraid I may be near a burn out. If only this was my only project...!
Anyway, I HATE the idea but I'll take a small break (one that I will not worry about replacing lost updates lol).
I'll be back before you know it.

I'll delete this later.
Thanks a lot for reading until now, I never said anything but I was very surprised by the amount of readers!
@ProfessorPhanyom: The Smeargle is a girl!
@comercole: I missed the last Sunday update!
@Flareon1225: Yep, Eevee has one less tooth. And no oran berry can fix it, poor thing.
@BudgieGryphon: Just like I draw sweat drops and blush, artistic license B)
@Emc_502: It's the oran berry effect!
@Ngamer01: Yes, thanks!! :D
@bonberjean: Bayani knows Eevee's new name, he just like using the species name more. (Or maybe he didn't like the name and is waiting for Eevee to remember the actual name lol)
@Nikitaw99: Yep, that always happens. Fixed!
@29CuCopper: Don't be sorry, thanks for pointing out! xD