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I draw pokemon comics.
That's it, ya'll can go home.
(Just kidding, wait, don't go..!)
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@Ngamer01: Living and learning :0c
@pixlyJolt: You mean in the sentence "we got an useless team"? Because I believe it's alright. :0c
@Ally Harper: Oh, I don't have a personal one, I just appreciate any comment that help me fix anything off in the speeches! xD
But yes, there's a way to send private messages. Try checking the tab with your profile, below there's the message option.

EDIT: Oh, wait, are you actually advising me to use PM instead of getting comments? >w>'
@SansOfDale: I like to think it's an optional thing. They choose to leave for failing and start all over again. Also, what they're doing now isn't exactly the original mission xD
@WriterRaven: Don't worry, I actually find it very useful!
@I'm here for the comics.: I appreciate the feedback. Fixed!
@shadowlucario50: I indeed had trouble writing the last two speech bubbles. I was already waiting for that type of feedback, I appreciate it!
@rodneysux69: She's from my first PMD playthrough, so I got used to the name.
@dantelupine: Not at all, thanks!
@ProfessorPhanyom: I probably should revise the in and on use. Thanks!
@Guest: The shoujo bubbles are there to complement her shoujo eyes!
@comercole: Yep! Maybe people are used to the female shiny Celebi from the Explorers game, but the Celebi in this comic is a guy!
@comercole: She's just surprised by his eyes.
@Umbreon5456: Actually I missed yesterday's update, that's why there's two pages today!